Friday Things

Friday Things

TGIF, friends! I’m so happy it’s the weekend…this week was a little rough in that I slept poorly every single night, which is just an automatic seat in the front of the struggle bus by day. I take the GRE in 10 days so am focusing on that this weekend–which should hopefully be made easier by the rain that’s forecasted–but do have a catch-up coffee date with Ashlee tomorrow morning, as well as Serena’s watercolor heraldry workshop on Sunday (there are still a couple of spots left!). Leaving you with a few good buys and a few good links…happy weekend, and stay cool (and dry, if you’re one of the ones getting these summer showers!).

EATING: We made these Greek chicken meatballs with yogurt dill sauce after I saw Jess post about them and spoiler alert: they are DELISH. I’d recommend baking them or making them into small patties to expedite cooking time. Also, sit this one out if you don’t like dill or parsley.

SHOPPING: As a long time Everlane fan (see some posts from over three years ago!), I’ve been reallllly into their new arrivals lately. If I wasn’t actively trying not to shop as much right now, a few of them would be on their way to me, but I do have some store credit with them and am strongly considering these shorts (only $22!) and this easy dress (only $35!)…or maybe this one?!


– Have you ever had agua fresca? I’ve started periodically ordering it at restaurants (particularly in the summer) and this frozen watermelon version looks soooo good and refreshing.

– I’ve been reading Mackenzie’s blog for years, and this may be one of my favorite posts of hers yet…she shares what Nantucket means to her, and talks about her family’s history on the island. It’s so sweet and a great read–kind of like a really sweet story, regardless if you have connections to her or the island.

How to update your kitchen on a budget: a fun before and after read!

– Creamed spinach is one of my favorite sides but I don’t end up eating it often–definitely pinning this recipe where it’s the star of the show!

– Meditating is one of those things that I’ve been wanting to get into (how can you say no to all the benefits it’s supposed to have?) but haven’t fully committed to. I tried the free version of headspace a couple of times but stupidly did it before bed and it put me to sleep within five minutes. Carly wrote a great post following 100 days of meditation, and it’s a good read/motivator if you’ve been considering the practice yourself.


This week’s outfit post: navy eyelet is the BEST!

– Finally sharing a look into our apartment! The living room + plans

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