Reviewing My Nordstrom Sale Purchases

Reviewing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases

So the big question is: have you guys shopped the Nordstrom Sale yet? It opens to the public today and runs through August 6, so you finally don’t need a store card to shop! A lot of items are sure to sell out quickly (like early today)…it’s something that happens every year and is hit or miss whether there are restocks.

Today I thought I’d follow up on this post where I shared my orders from the sale. I gave a brief overview of each item but now that everything has arrived, wanted to go into more detail since a couple of them were huge hits and one was a real miss (for me). I ended up keeping one Natori ‘Feathers’ bra, one Natori ‘Hidden Glamour’ bra, a Chantelle sports bra, this cozy cardigan, and this cashmere wrap. The rest are things I own and can’t get enough of!

Also, sorry for the weird sized images–quick snaps before heading out this morning will do that to ya! Be sure to follow along on Insta…I’m heading to Newport, RI with Ashlee and our boyfriends for a couple of days!


CozyChic Lite® Circle Cardigan ($76.90; after sale: $199): See photos above. I absolutely love this sweater! I used to have a chunky, thick knit gray sweater from the Gap that was kind of similar (not nearly as soft and more bulky), but finally tossed it when we moved because the shoulder had ripped and was being held together by a haphazard sewing job. Anyway, my thought with this sweater was to replace that one, and boy am I impressed! The material is unbelievably soft and the piece feels very well-made. I got it in the Cocoa/Pearl Heather. It’s also machine washable, which is a huge perk!
Sizing: I initially ordered this in a medium (I prefer to size up when in doubt because of my broad shoulders) and while it fit and was really cozy, wanted to try sizing down since sometimes the elbow areas get stretched out if there’s a lot of extra room. The sizing for this item is a little weird where it’s either XS/S, M, or L/XL. The XS/S came in and fit me perfectly, so I’m going to return the medium.

Halogen waffle knit cashmere wrap ($125.90; after sale: $189; similar for less): Ugh, this wrap! I was really hoping to dislike it because it definitely falls into the “nice to have” category, but after coveting a cashmere wrap for a few years, decided to go for it. Of course, it’s practically perfect! You may have seen my Insta Stories last Saturday where I tried on the gray and while I really loved it, decided to order and keep the black because it’ll be used for travel a lot and any way to minimize potential stains with something this pricey is key. If you can swing it, the gray is absolutely beautiful.
Sizing: it only comes in one size!

Natori ‘Feathers’ bra ($44.90; after sale: $68): This bra has a cult following, and after buying it last year, I totally see why! While I’m probably not as die-hard of a supporter as many people out there (I probably wouldn’t replace my entire collection with them, but I do have four), I will say that it provides an impressive amount of support given its appearance and it’s really pretty. Bonus points for it coming in several colors!
Sizing: I wear a 32DD; it runs a tad small, in my experience. And again, surprisingly supportive for the larger chested!

Natori ‘Hidden Glamour’ Contour bra ($46.90; after sale: $70): I wanted to try something other than the Feathers and this one has great reviews! I haven’t worn it more than around the house so can’t really say more, but so far so good support and comfort wise.
Sizing: I wear a 32DD; it seems to run a tad small.

Chantelle sports bra ($47.90; after sale: $72): I am obsessed with this sports bra. It’s the best one I’ve found that supports larger chests and is simultaneously so comfortable while keeping you locked in. What really sets it apart is the little clip in the back that lets you make it a racerback, which is great if you’re working out in a non-t-shirt top. I bought one of these in last year’s sale and it’s still going strong, so purchased another one this time around!
Sizing: I’m wearing a 32DD which is pretty standard for me if things run a tad small. Size up in the cup size if you’re in between!

Zella Cropped Leggings ($31.90; after sale: $48): I have two pairs of Zella leggings (both purchased during different years of the Anniversary Sale!) and while my cropped pair is slightly different (it has subtle meshing on the bottom of each leg), this pair looks very similar. I really can’t rave about their quality enough–they are a great value for the money.
Sizing: It may be worth ordering two sizes to try in this one, but a general rule with Zella leggings is to size down.

FOREO Luna Mini ($66; after sale: $99): This thing is the best little face cleaning device EVER! I was a loyal Clarisonic user but after the battery kept dying on me and the brush refills started to get pricey, I was ready for an alternative. The battery only needs to be charged about once a year, you don’t have to buy any sort of refills, and the Luna is so easy to transport since it dries off really quickly and is very lightweight. I use mine at night with a mild cleanser and it’s helped my skin a lot (works wonders taking off makeup!)

Diptyque candle set ($55; exclusive to the sale but a $75 value): As mentioned above, a great way to treat yourself or stock up on little holiday gifts ahead of time. They’ll go fast, so snag these if they’re on your list :)

And the one big miss for me…

Halogen peplum top ($39.90; after sale: $59): Guys, this was SO sheer on my mid-section! (You know what I’m talking about if you saw my Insta Stories) The issue wasn’t even the top part but more where the pleats hit my stomach. This was disappointing because I was really excited about the top (how good is it for work?) and the price was right. I haven’t heard anyone else have this issue, so I’m attributing it to having darker skin that happened to show through the white. If you’re more fair skinned, this is probably worth a shot! Krista said hers wasn’t sheer at all. Sadly a miss on this end!

Anyway, be sure to see more of my picks in this post (I broke down pretty much the entire sale into categories, including men’s!), and you can shop a bunch of items on this page if going through blog posts isn’t your thing. And of course, let me know what you picked up! It’ll be fall before we know it :)


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  1. I bought the wrap this AM in gray and I’m so excited!!!! YEEE!! Have so much fun in Newport! x

    Posted 7.21.17 Reply
  2. katie wrote:

    YAY! Love your picks. So glad the sweater worked out because it is SO SOFT! Can’t wait to be twinsies.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 7.22.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha, one day between us we will have all the colors.

      Posted 7.24.17 Reply