I’m Loving: Grove Street Press

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back from five refreshing days on Cape Cod and am getting back into the swing of things today. A week light on post-work plans means there should be ample time catching up on life and hitting the gym…should be a very necessary low key one!

Ok, onto the good stuff. One of my favorite things about blogging and social media in today’s day is the small businesses I’m introduced to or come across via social, another blog, a magazine, etc. One of those that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys is Grove Street Press, a New Orleans-based design and letterpress business started by two ladies with a serious eye for creating the most beautiful, creative stationery. No detail is spared–with stationery, I strongly believe that whether or not an envelope has a liner indicates increased care for uniqueness + detail–and if you’re a paper goods enthusiast like myself, you’re going to want to want to spring for all one of these sets. They’d also make a great gift and the greeting cards can be purchased individually. It’s really really hard to play favorites, but I love this blue China birthday card, this congratulatory pennant-card combo, a simple thank you, this sweet show of love, this adorably cute birthday card, a Bean Boot-themed card (seriously), a fun thank you note, a cute way to say hello, a classic birthday card, and this hilariously sweet (no pun intended) one.

So now that I’ve practically shared half their inventory (not really, but thanks for sticking with me if you clicked on all of those), hopefully you see where my fangirl status comes from. Oh, and give them a follow on Instagram…their content is great year-round, but especially over the fall + holidays!

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