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A Great Weekend + A Easy Outfit

And just like that, it’s Monday again! This weekend was really one of the best. I’ve been in and out of town pretty much constantly since the beginning of July, and this was the first weekend during that time in DC where we haven’t really had many structured plans or obligations. As much as I love to travel and pack my days off with fun + productive things, something I’m trying to get better about is learning to relish downtime. It’s not something that comes naturally, but I’m so glad to be trying to prioritize it right now. More on this in another post, but a little more about my weekend + this outfit after the jump!

Woven crossbody bag

The only things on my calendar this weekend were social interactions with friends, and it was great! I started off meeting a friend for breakfast early on Saturday, stopped by Refine, had an unplanned trip to the Apple Store that ended up working out in my favor (more in a second), finally went to our building’s pool with J–and got the most unsightly swimsuit tan despite wearing SPF 50 and only being outside for 45 minutes–sold our headboard to someone on Craigslist (can’t WAIT to show you the new one that’s coming in next week!), and capped off the day shooting this outfit before a yummy Italian dinner + drinks with a friend. We also watched a ton of Madame Secretary, since Season 3 is finally on Netflix!

On Sunday, my bestie finally came back to DC after having spent most of the summer in NYC! We went to barre and had brunch (with accidental bottomless mimosas–highly recommend Floriana for good food, reasonable portions, and a great patio), and I spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house, working on the blog, and watching more TV. I rarely ever have weekends that include this much lounging, and I surprised myself by actually really enjoying some unscheduled, “unproductive” hours.

Saint James Striped Tank

And of course, what’s a relaxing weekend without unexpected technological stress…a laptop saga. Long story short, it all started when my computer wouldn’t start last Sunday morning. I took it into the Apple Store, they had to send it out, and I picked it up on Thursday (allegedly fixed) only for it to not start again on Saturday. I headed back to the Apple Store after Refine and after reviewing the repair history of my laptop–which included an incident in 2014 that entailed trying to troubleshoot an extremely obscure problem that no one in the store had ever heard of–the manager deemed my laptop a “lemon” and decided to replace it. Like, completely replaced my MacBook, because their customer service is just that good! It was pretty frustrating (and time consuming) to have had so many issues with a three year old computer that I essentially treat like a delicate flower/a child, and I’m really impressed that Apple acknowledged this. It’s funny because literally Saturday morning when it wouldn’t turn on again, I told J that I thought my computer was a lemon and had he ever heard of them just replacing the computer entirely, which we concluded never really happened. Anyway, a bright spot in what had been a tough week tech-wise…running this blog + other side projects makes me realize how much I rely on my little laptop!

Saint James tank

A note about this outfit…my love for Saint James is nothing new, and I’m always looking for breathable (so ideally 100% cotton) sleeveless tops that are cut “normally,” which to me means you can wear a regular, non-strapless bra. Sadly I have a pretty tough time finding shirts that meet this criteria, so buying this shirt off the additional 50% off sale rack at J.Crew the other week was a no-brainer. It’s on the pricier side pre-sale, but the quality can’t be beat and I’ve already been reaching for it repeatedly. Unfortunately most sizes are currently sold out, but I’m noticing the stock going in and out a bit so keep an eye out! There were also several at my local store, so definitely give corporate a call to track one down for you if you love it as much as I do :) FYI: I’m wearing a size M and could have gotten by with a small, but prefer my tees to fit looser.


Saint James x J.Crew top
J.Crew Factory shorts (printed available)
Jack Rogers sandals
Peggy Fisher bag (purchased on the Cape; other styles and similar)
Sissy Yates Designs earrings (c/o)
Ray-Ban sunnies
David Yurman bracelet
Tissot watch
IT Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Treatment (c/o)

Wicker bag

Summer stripes

Summer stripes

Striped tank

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  1. That Apple story is a miracle! So amazing. And I love love love that bag!

    Published 8.21.17
    • Monica wrote:

      Accurate! #stress

      Published 8.25.17