What to Buy From L.L. Bean Right Now

What to buy from L.L. Bean this fall

Those of you who regularly read this blog or know me in real life know that my love for L.L. Bean is…a thing. It’s kind of random that someone who spent her entire life up to the age of 19 in Dallas would end up developing such an affinity for an outdoorsy company based in Maine–the only thing I really knew about the state was that the Bush family spent time in Kennebunkport and our neighbor’s grandparents had a house nearby–but over the past few years I’ve grown to stock my wardrobe (and my home) with a surprisingly large quantity of pieces from this iconic American brand. For someone whose definition of “outdoorsy” was a week-long sleepaway camp (which in my defense, was actually very outdoorsy and I must have been really different back then), they quickly made me into a lifetime customer.

Based on the questions and comments I regularly get in regards to Bean Boots, my favorite pullovers, and pretty much any time I share something from L.L. Bean on my Insta stories, coupled with the metrics on the back end of this site (both Google Analytics and analytics through rewardstyle, the affiliate marketing program I use where I make a small commission when you click and buy from my site), many of you apparently love or are starting to love the company as much a I am! So, in the spirit of it being almost time to break out the fall attire (lucky you if it’s already that time where you are!), here are 10 things I personally think you should buy from L.L. Bean right now! I own them all except this sweater and this sweater, and can hands down say this is the best pullover ever, and these pajamas make me happy just looking at them.

PS: They’re running one of their deals where you get a $10 gift card with any $50 spend! Perfect for those times you want to get some stuff but want to hold off on the rest…place one order now, get the gift card, and then use it down the line to buy the rest!


Striped Soft Cotton Rugby: I bought this in navy as a gift for a friend in June and have posted about it a few times since–of course, finally caved and picked a striped one up for myself! It’s 100% cotton which is the best and can be worn alone or layered. I got a size M and it’s definitely a bit oversized, but in a good way! It’s an easy pullover you’ll be able to wear year-round.

Bean Boots: They’re hands down the best winter boots you can buy! Not sure which ones to get? See these posts, and feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions about sizing or styles. PS: I have this pair in a size 8.

Quilted Riding Vest: Finding a good quilted vest was a ongoing process for me, and unsurprisingly L.L. Bean came through! I’d recommend sizing down one or two sizes–I have an XS and it’s perfect for layering over both a normal shirt or a chunkier sweater.

Cotton Ragg Sweater: Another 100% cotton gem that I’m planning to pick up this season. It comes in tons of colors, too.

Signature Merino Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater: This sweater is a little pricier but it’s wool–ducks were my favorite when I was little so this sweater immediately caught my eye. The Signature line is L.L. Bean’s heritage-inspired collection and takes classic American style to a whole new level!

Athletic Seamless Tank: A workout top from L.L. Bean may seem random but trust me: it’s a good one. I’ve only worn mine once but already plan to order more. The length is good and the price is right–I have a size M.

Boat and Tote: Another no-brainer on this list: I love my Boat and Totes! They come in multiple sizes, combinations, colors, and can be monogrammed…they also last for years. Add them to your idea list for holiday or hostess gifts!

Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater: It’s the most classic style that’s here to stay! This is the warmest cotton sweater and while it’s bulky, it’s incredibly warm and layers like a dream. Size up if you don’t want it to be really fitted and short–I have a L but could have gone with a M. I also have the tunic version (seen in this post).

Sweater Fleece Pullover: You’ve heard me rave about this pullover before it really is the best! I’ve recommended it to people for awhile and everyone tells me how much they love it–it stays just as soft after washes, fits like a glove, and is pretty much the coziest thing ever. I’d size up at least one size if you want to layer…I own one in an M and one in a L.

Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt, Slightly Fitted: These flannels are my absolute favorite! They’re fitted enough to look polished but still loose enough to be cozy, whether you want to wear it with leggings, jeans, or tucked into a skirt. I have some in S and M…they essentially run true to size.


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  1. katie wrote:

    I only have the ankle LL Bean Boots — now might be the time to upgrade for those walks to work this winter! Thanks for the reminder to buy!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 9.24.17 Reply