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Easy fall recipes

First off, thank you all for the sweet words on the new site design! Everyone has been so sweet and supportive and times like this make me pinch myself that there are actually people who care about and read this blog…so thanks for the support. Love you guys!


Since J and I moved in together in April, we’ve been experimenting with some new recipes, mostly ones we find on blogs or on Pinterest. One of my favorite parts about cohabiting has been being able to make large batches of food that we can share…everyone says that cooking for one is the most challenging, and I think that’s definitely true. Not only is it nice to be able to split the prep time in the kitchen (and the dishes), but a big perk is not having to eat the same thing every day for every meal four days straight just to finish a batch of food. If you are cooking for one, thankfully the freezer can be your best friend–did it take anyone else an irrationally long time to start freezing leftovers? It’s not something my family did much growing up, so wasn’t something I automatically did when I moved out. Now, I get even more excited to make recipes that freeze well because it’s really nice to at least have the option!

This probably isn’t the most exciting blog post of all time, but I wanted to share two easy, healthy recipes that have become staples in our home. I actually made the zucchini “meatballs” a bunch before we lived together–we tend to cook more meat now so have kind of subbed them out for slow cooker turkey meatballs–but they continue to be a favorite because they’re light and a delicious way to incorporate veggies into your meal. If you’re looking for a healthier pasta that isn’t an alternative like zoodles, we like the Trader Joe’s Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli–it’s a little nuttier than the normal stuff, but tastes basically the same!

Another go-to are these Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wraps–I think Jess shared them on her blog awhile ago and they’ve become one of our favorite Sunday night dinners. The recipe doesn’t yield as many leftovers as we’d like so we’ve also doubled it (that probably defeats the whole healthy portion control part, but you win some you lose some), but once you have some of the basic ingredients on hand like the red chili paste and rice vinegar, it’s pretty easy to throw everything together. Also, we typically use Romaine lettuce because it’s much easier to find, and we often end up making turning this into an actual salad because eating lettuce wraps can be really messy!

There you have it–hopefully these will serve you as well as they’ve served us! Do you have any easy go-to recipes? We’re always looking for new ones to add to our arsenal (if you don’t have Paprika, you should totally get it–it’s an awesome recipe box-like app!) and I’m sure others are, too!


Images via Eat Yourself Skinny and Skinnytaste

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    These both look delicious! My mom freezes things for MONTHS but I always would forget to do so myself…and the tricky part is not putting stuff back in the freezer after re-heating, etc. Oh, #adulting ;)


    Posted 11.1.17 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      The post-reheating struggle is SO REAL! I swear, so much respect for parents who have to do this while juggling multiple children and varying meal preferences.

      Posted 11.6.17 Reply