A Quick Chat With…Alex Thompson of Persifor

Interview with Alex Thompson of Persifor

I’m back with another Q&A/look behind the business with an incredible business owner, Alex Thompson of Persifor. If you aren’t familiar with the resort brand, you’re in for a treat…there truly aren’t any better dresses for travel and the transition from desk to drinks.

I first discovered Persifor four or so years ago and have since built up a small collection of pieces that includes dresses, a tunic, and a clutch (as seen in Thailand, the classiest tunic, my favorite summer dress, and a simple statement clutch here and here.) They’re the items in my closet that consistently garner the most compliments and I love how most styles are practically wrinkle-free and machine washable–another reason why they always seem to make it into my suitcase for warmer destinations. Not to mention the unique patterns and prints Alex manages to find…they’re ones you’ll never see elsewhere.

And a funny coincidence? Alex actually graduated from Colgate, too, which I didn’t know till about a year and a half ago–it’s a little something that makes our connection a bit more special and has me even more excited to feature her over here!

A Quick Chat With…Alex Thompson

Age: Older than 25 (wink)
Hometown: Bedford, NY
Currently live in: Westport, CT

What does your typical morning look like?

Wake up at 6am, walk the dog, and prepare for the work day before my daughter wakes at 6:45am.

How did you leverage your liberal arts degree to get into fashion?

I graduated with a double major in English and Art/Art History. Not only did have I have a strong portfolio and knowledge of the creative world, but having that second major in English enabled me to be articulate during interviews and post-meeting correspondence with companies.

Interview with Persifor's Alex Thompson

How did you first get the word out about Persifor?

Opening wholesale accounts in key demographics (Charleston, Palm Beach, Harbour Island, Nantucket and Newport) as well as influencer and blogger exposure.

How does your love for travel impact the brand + designs?

I’m constantly inspired by new destinations and changes in scenery. I find that being exposed to new motifs, color stories and experiencing first hand the way locals style clothing has been imperative in keeping our product fresh from season to season.

Anyone who is familiar with Persifor would guess that you have a knack for decorating. Any tips for someone trying to make a house into a home, especially when you’re dealing with a tiny rental?

Over the years, my husband and I have collected special pieces from our travels. On our most recent trip to Iceland, I scooped up some ceramics that now sit prominently on the second shelf of our bookcase. Pieces like these as well as unique antiques sprinkled throughout the house really make it feel like a “home” and less like a sterile room from a catalogue. For small spaces, I love maximizing wall space and styling shelving to feel layered and personable. We frame and rotate our daughter’s artwork each season against our favorite travel and art books.

Interview with Persifor's Alex Thompson

What made you move from NYC to nearby Connecticut?

While we loved city life, space and the ability to spend more time outdoors was an important factor in our move out of the city. All of us love being near water (clearly!) so when we stumbled on the beachy and artsy vibe of Westport, we knew that we had found our home.

Favorite restaurant in NYC + favorite restaurant near you in CT?

Barbuto in the West Village and The Whelk in Westport.

Three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Spirited, loyal and always inspired by people and places.

Interview with Persifor's Alex Thompson

Top three favorite travel destinations?

The Italian Riviera, Columbia, anywhere in Scandinavia.

And where are you headed next?

Either New Mexico or Copenhagen.

Favorite weekday lunch?

The Saumon Fume crepe with added greens from Meli Melo, our neighbor.

Go-to cocktail?

Margarita on the rocks no salt.

One piece of advice?

Take the time to celebrate and enjoy achievement.


Thank you so much, Alex! Don’t forget to check out Persifor’s new arrivals–#swoon.

Interview with Persifor's Alex ThompsonPhotos by Monica Dutia

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