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Gift Guide: For the Traveler

Anyone who travels regularly knows the importance of good, quality essentials–they can make your journey so much more pleasant and hassle-free! Today’s gift guide is a roundup of twelve ideas for the frequent travelers in your life.

We’re also getting to the point in the season where I have a few overlaps between gift guides but hopefully you don’t mind…most of them are personal tried and true favorites that apply really well for multiple groups of people so it’s hard to leave them off :)


ONE: Flight 001 fitness kit ($40) // TWO: TRUFFLE Jet Set case ($85) // THREE: Nalgene water bottle (~$10) // FOUR: Lucas Papaw ointment ($8) // FIVE: Kate Spade wash + wear bags ($25) // SIX: Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ backpack ($125) // SEVEN: CB Station cosmetics case ($12) // EIGHT: Cuyana travel wallet ($185) // NINE: Mark & Graham monogrammed jewelry roll ($39) // TEN: Charter Club cashmere wrap ($82; on sale!) // ELEVEN: L.L. Bean compression socks ($25) // TWELVE: Delsey Chatelet 21″ spinner ($175; on sale!)

You’ve heard me rave about TRUFFLE before and I swear by their pouches for travel–this case is both cute and practical. Before our Europe trip last year, I decided to ditch the shoulder bags and picked up this backpack, which is going to be my go-to for all international travel…a new go-to is also Lucas Pawpaw ointment, which lives up to the hype and is incredibly versatile (important for travel!)–I put it on my lips before bed and it does wonder on try hands/knuckles, too. These bags seem to make the list every year but how practically indulgent are they? Way better than a plastic laundry bag.

Most women could probably benefit from a new cosmetics case (bonus points for the price point and monogram), and I use a jewelry roll on every single trip–I’d argue they’re one of the most essential travel accessories. Have any frequent travelers tried compression socks? Most people say they’re a must for international flights and I think I’ll pick up a pair before we head to Amsterdam in January. They’re slightly pricey given that they’re, you know, socks, which to me makes them a great gift option. I also included a cashmere wrap on the women’s gift guide and this one is on super sale! They work as both a blanket on your flight and a scarf upon reaching your destination.


I also find myself utilizing a travel wallet for all international flights because everyday wallets don’t fit a passport + boarding pass, and it’s nice to have everything in one place. Also, it seems super basic–but Nalgene bottles are the best for travel. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and incredibly durable (I’ve had mine for like six years), and if you lost it it wouldn’t be too stressful. For a frequent traveler who doesn’t always have time to hit the hotel gym or swears by home rentals, this fitness kit could be just what they need.

Lastly, I always get so many questions about my carry-on…I have the 19″ version (which doesn’t seem to be available anymore) in brown in this bag. Honestly, I think it’s so pretty and chic and now that I’ve seen the wear and tear no other people’s hardshell carry-ons, know that that’s bound to happen compared to the fabric bags I’d used in the past. Still, this style seriously scratched literally the first time I used it (by a door half closing on it…that’s it) and Delsey’s customer service was fairly unresponsive and apathetic, which makes me question how they’d handle repairs. However, I will say that once I got over the nicks, it’s served me well and I love both the price ($175 right now!) and how lightweight it is. My next carry-on will probably be an Away, but this is a great budget option from an old school luggage company.


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  1. katie wrote:

    I love these picks for travel – so glad I scooped up a a Delsey carry-on! Can’t wait to use it on adventures with you.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 12.8.17