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Friday Things

TGIF! Thanks to the four-day nature of this week for me (I finally work at a job where we get MLK Day off!), I felt productive and refreshed–the latter was a relief, as I didn’t have that feeling coming back to work immediately in the new year. Part of it probably has to do with physically being away from the office for two weeks during the holiday, but it surprised me how much eight hours at a desk wore on me and my mental energy during those first few days back.

Anyway, following a fun weekend at The Greenbrier (pictured above, and see more on Instagram), I spent one night this week at Orangetheory, took one night off, and went to a Bordeaux wine tasting hosted by Calvert Woodley last night. I’m not sure how I’ve lived in DC for this long and not been by their storefront, but plan to do so soon because it’s a family-owned business that overdelivers in the wine, cheese, and sandwich departments–all things I can get behind :)

This weekend should be a good one! I’m taking an InDesign class (despite having used the program for four years during newspaper in high school, there’s still so much more to learn), checking out the new-ish L.L. Bean store in Rockville (!!), and celebrating a friend’s birthday with Mexican food. Productive + fun, just as as a weekend should be! Hope you all have a great one, too!




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  1. katie wrote:

    Your shot of the Greenbrier has me swooning! So glad you were able to share your rebranding experience on the Empress blog!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 1.22.18
  2. Thanks for the shout out for our famous Calvert Woodley. Don’t forget to try out some of our other great Van Ness spots like Bread Furst.

    Theresa Cameron
    Van Ness Main Street

    Published 1.23.18