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Tomorrow’s Lilly Pulitzer Sale

Happy 2018! Hope everyone had a nice long weekend and a safe, fun New Years Eve…ours was super low key–we stopped by Ashlee’s place for a drink before heading to another friend’s place where a handful of us sat around in casual clothes playing Scattergories and drinking wine and eating a spread of TJ’s apps. We also got home by 12:30am and were asleep by 1, so it was basically my ideal way to ring in the new year. Yesterday, a few of us went to brunch at Ambar on the Hill–this Balkan restaurant had been on my list for years, and it didn’t disappoint (also nice that you have the option to do bottomless food or bottomless food + drinks.) I’ve had a pretty bad cold since returning to DC last week but was determined to make the best of our time off…so we went to lunch + the National Gallery of Art on Saturday and spent awhile deep cleaning the apartment (scrubbing the inside of the fridge, scheduling another Salvation Army pickup. etc…all the fun stuff!) It feels great to start the new year off on a good foot.

I ended up taking a little extra time off from posting aside from this recap of 2017, and today’s post also falls out of my typical MWF posting schedule that I’d deviated from over the holidays to cover gift guides and such. But before resuming normal programming, I’m popping in on a Tuesday because one of the two semi-annual Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sales is tomorrow–it can’t be missed if you’re a fan of the brand or resort clothing (especially you have a warm weather vacation planned in the coming months!).

Many of you probably know how this sale works but if you don’t or need a refresher, here’s a rundown:

  • The sale is called the After Party Sale and it starts in store today (January 2) and online tomorrow (Wednesday, January 3) at 8am EST.
  • Lilly only has two sales a year and marks down tons of items from both current and past seasons. Many things are on sale for over well over 50% off and since they only have two sales a year, this is the time to get Lilly if you don’t want to pay full price (it’s when I’ve bought nearly all of my own).
  • There are no returns on sale purchases but the good news is that if something doesn’t end up working out, Lilly sells really well on Poshmark and eBay. If I’m on the fence about something I’ll typically pick it up since being able to resell and recover all my money (perks of such steep discounts!) is effectively a return in my book.
  • It’s helpful to sort by size–I’m typically a small or size 4 and always use the filters to sort by size when shopping this sale. Items sell out fast so it’s much easier than wasting time on things that you won’t be purchasing. Definitely look at the item description and/or reviews before purchasing…they also have a fit calculator that I’ve found to be accurate!
  • Don’t over look the accessories–there’s lots of good clothing, but also great accessories and gift items. It’s a good time to look for potential hostess gifts or shop for someone with a birthday around the corner!
  • There will likely be a virtual waiting room–so many people try and shop the sales that the website can crash. They’ve implemented a “waiting room,” similar to the type you see when shopping for concert tickets. When you go to the Lilly website tomorrow (ideally at 8am on the dot, or a couple minutes before as it typically auto-refreshes when the sale begins), you’ll be placed in this waiting room and be given an estimated wait time. Whatever you do, don’t refresh the page–you’ll lose your spot in line. Just leave the browser window open until its your turn to shop. Note that once you check out, you’ll be placed back in the line before being able to shop again.
  • ***Create an account on lillypulitzer.com today*** The site will be down tomorrow ahead of the sale, so create an account today. Items aren’t yours until you check out (so if they’re in your cart they’re still up for grabs to other shoppers) so being able to check out quickly without having to enter your email, address, payment info, etc. actually makes a difference.
  • Lilly has a great sale FAQ page!

I’ll try to tweet out some favs tomorrow–happy shopping, and hope everyone has a smooth transition back to reality today, if it’s your first day back in the office!

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  1. Meredith wrote:

    Thank you for the reminder about the sale! One of my favs of the year. :)

    Published 1.3.18
    • Monica wrote:

      Yay! Hope you found some great things :)

      Published 1.4.18
  2. katie wrote:

    Hope you scooped up some good finds! Love the cameo the Eau has in this post!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 1.3.18