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L.L. Bean Merino Wool Machine Washable Sweater

If you follow along on Instagram, you might have seen that I was out of town early in the weekend–my bff from college (we went to Colgate) was asked to go back to campus to talk to her major’s department about her post-grad career path, so I tagged along for the ride! We rented a car from DCA at 6:30am on Thursday and were in upstate NY by early afternoon. While both of us had been back to campus three or so times since graduating nearly five (!!) years ago, this was the first time we went back with very few plans or a tight agenda…and it was amazing. This is usually a slow time of year for so many people, but she’s a teacher and I’ve been cramming a lot into the past few weeks, and we’re both traveling a lot over the next couple months–basically, both of us have been a little stressed and we were really excited to take a completely relaxing trip for a couple of days. And this was just what the doctor ordered!

Barbour Beadnell

You guys, it’s crazy how crisp rural air, empty roads, lots of land, and small towns, can put you at ease. We were both basically wondering why it took us so long to make a trip like this…despite a ~6.5 hour drive on either end, once we hit the backroads upstate, it was like a huge weight had been lifted. I teleworked for some of the time we were there and typically stressful situations ended up feeling like no big deal–something that wouldn’t have been the case sitting at my desk in DC. We went to bed before 10pm on both nights, but still hit up our favorite spots (just a few hours earlier than we would have years ago :)), and on our way back to DC on Saturday, also took an hour detour to the beautiful town of Skaneateles. En route, we discovered a distillery owned by the family who has an apple orchard we’d picked at our sophomore year…the best part is we literally saw the sign, pulled off the road, and did a tasting at 11am. It seems silly and kind of pathetic to say this, but I feel like it’s so rare to have unscheduled time and the flexibility to do something like that–I guess it’s something you do on vacation, but so much of our daily lives are planned down to the minute (plus I am a huge planner who doesn’t do well with lack of structure) that something this simple felt like such a treat.

L.L. Bean Merino Wool Sweater

We were back home in DC by 9pm on Saturday and while tired from driving (I never drive anymore, and it’s probably been eight years since I drove over five hours to get somewhere), it felt like we were coming back from the best little retreat. Yesterday was spent catching up on blog and freelance work, plus working on this enormous puzzle we’re trying to finish by next Sunday, but I’m easing into this week without the typical weight of a Monday. I’m sure that’ll change a few hours into the day, but for now, it’s nice to savor that feeling!

Boat & Tote

Onto today’s outfit…I am obsessed with this sweater! I love wool sweaters but always stress about washing them, since they entail a hefty dry cleaning bill and most wool can get a little icky when it gets wet. L.L. Bean released this machine washable merino wool sweater and I’ve been wearing it consistently both to work and on the weekends. It’s warm enough to let you choose a light jacket when it’s not freezing out, and I’ve also worn a vest over it when it’s really cold. The material is heavier than a typical light sweater but it’s not bulky–it’s basically slightly thicker than most merino wool sweaters I’ve seen. The price tag is a little higher than many basic crewneck sweaters, but it washes and wears insanely well and to be honest, you’ll probably make up the difference once you factor in being able to skip a couple trips to the dry cleaners!

L.L. Bean Machine Washable Merino Sweater


L.L. Bean machine washable merino sweater (c/o; I’m wearing a M)
Rag & Bone high rise skinny jeans (similar)
Barbour Beadnell jacket (I’m wearing a size 6)
L.L. Bean tote
Corso Como flats (On sale! Size down if you’re between sizes; they stretch)
Mejuri necklace
David Yurman bracelet
Tissot watch


Boat & Tote

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  1. Trips upstate are so good for the soul! I’ve been back to Cuse five (!!!) times since I graduated not even four years ago.. I’m obsessed! Haha. Love this look and glad you had a fun weekend!

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

    Posted 1.29.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes, they are!! It’s indescribably wonderful up there.

      Posted 1.29.18 Reply