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Hello again, friends! I dropped the ball on getting posts up last Friday and yesterday, despite best efforts to spend a little more time on the computer before we left for Amsterdam on Thursday evening. While we were there, it just made sense to unplug and enjoy our quick, three day vacation. I didn’t even end up posting on Instagram as much as I’d planned to…a full recap (including an interesting story about our return trip) to come soon!

Normal MWF posting will resume tomorrow, but I wanted to drop in with a bonus (haha, let’s just pretend since I randomly skipped two of my “normal” blogging days) post in light of L.L. Beans’ 25% off sale that ends tonight. They’ve run this discount a handful of times in the past few months, and unlike in years past, it works on Bean Boots, too! Most notably, this quilted pullover that’s become one of my favorite things in my closet, cannot stay in stock but is back in a few colors and sizes–snag one if you can, and keep an eye out since there have been restocks!

There are a few repeats from this post but my favorites are my favorites so it’s hard not to re-share :) Despite the fact that we’re heading to the mothership in Freeport in just 10 days, I couldn’t wait (and wanted to take advantage of the sale plus discount code plus limited sizing that remains) and ordered this pullover in brown…I don’t own much brown and felt the quality in-store–it’s indescribably soft. A lot of winter items are already marked down and you get an additional 25% off…as much as we all want to shop for spring, there’s something to be said for snagging a great deal off-season! My sweater in this post is also on double sale right now–it’s great for both work and the weekends!

And to address the elephant in the room, for those of you who have heard about Bean’s recent changes to their return policy and are annoyed/skeptical/worried, etc. (no less than seven people contacted me the day the news broke, which was hilarious and made me happy), I get the frustration as a customer but also understand where the company is coming from…I mean, someone once bought one of their flannels at a yard sale, went to return it in store, and the shirt had the executive chairman’s name stamped into it–that’s ridiculous. There are so many stories about how people have taken so much advantage of the lenient policy, that it was only a matter of time before something had to change. I’ve also personally never had to return something due to the quality or breakage, so while it was nice knowing that I could at any time, as long as quality stays the same I’m optimistic it won’t be an issue down the line.

The one thing I’ll say I’m very bummed about is the newly imposed $50 free shipping minimum…again, completely get how offering free shipping on all orders is extremely costly for companies, but I frequently placed one-off orders during sales that totaled less than $50, so this is going to be a bit of an adjustment. Case in point: When I ordered this pullover, it came out to less than $50 thanks to the sale + promo code. So I ordered these gloves and it brought my total to $50.98…I’ll use the gloves (and you can’t beat the $6 price) but the extra step of going to “sale” and “sorting price lowest to highest” and spending an extra few bucks is certainly a bummer. Hopefully it means I’ll end up shopping less (haha, will report back) but considering how much of my wardrobe comes from Bean, I’m definitely in the sad camp on this one and crossing my fingers unlimited free shipping comes back someday.

Anyway, that’s my spiel–hope you guys snag some goodies in the sale before it ends tonight!

PS: How to figure out what Bean Boots to buy.

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