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Friday Things

Hello from NYC! I took the train up after work yesterday and am excited for three days in the big city…I try and make a trip like this once or twice a year (it usually ends up being closer to once) and spend Friday bopping around the city and the rest of the weekend hanging out with friends. We have some fun things planned but not too much…it’ll just be nice to catch up with people and try some new restaurants + cafes. My workweeks have been sort of blurring together because of all our travel and the priority has been to get some freelance work done, blog, exercise, and try to eat well…and sleep. I also hate to admit that The Bachelor took up a little too much of my time this week–many of you can probably relate? I’d only passively been keeping up with this season and typically pay more attention during the last couple episodes, but five hours in one week is just too long no matter what kind of twist you’ve got at the end.

Hope everyone has a really nice weekend! Some recent links I’ve loved and things that have caught my eye, below!



  • The main thing is that I needed a new down coat (My last one, three years old practically to date, pretty much had all the fluff disintegrate in the wash the other day; Zappos as a very wonderful, generous return policy, if you were wondering!) so I ordered this one from Backcountry earlier in the week. I raved about them on Twitter but Backcountry has become my favorite retailers due to their fast shipping + incredible customer service. If you ever have an issue or a question, just call them! The jacket arrived right before I left for NYC yesterday and it fits perfectly. I’ve also been wearing it around outside early this morning and it’s really warm. The reviews are great, too, so recommend if you’re in the market for a new coat (plus, it’s just over $200–a steal for a long down coat!)
  • J.Crew Factory has some great things right now…I especially love this top–all three colors are so good!–and it comes in solids, too. There are so many cute tie-waist shirts, too!
  • Has anyone else been buying less as of late? Hopefully I’ll keep this up for the rest of 2018, but I do miss online window shopping…


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