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How is it possibly the end of March already? We had a snow day just last week and it was 77 degrees yesterday but the calendar says March 31, so here we are. My week was really low key…Serena and I got dinner on Monday (we talk regularly but always have so much to discuss when we get together, that we’ve joked about making “to discuss” lists) and I’m feeling good after getting in a couple of solid workouts.

This weekend should be a good one! Katie and I are getting brunch tomorrow and I’m finally shooting a couple of spring-friendly outfits for the blog. I’m getting a couple of Orangetheory classes and am working on a bunch of BTS blog stuff + freelance content, so fingers crossed it’s as productive as I think it’ll be :) We also have a couple of apartment-related projects and checking those off always makes me so happy. Whatever you’re up to, have a great one!

  • Some of you may have caught wind of this via Twitter or Facebook, but I had to make a new FB page for the blog because they wouldn’t let me change my page name from “Cake & Lilies” to “Monica Dutia: The Blog.” I didn’t have a ton of followers on there to begin with, but it’s still not fun to have to build up again…if you’re up for giving it a “like,” I’d seriously appreciate it–I’m always surprised that despite the algorithm, it’s a consistent source of traffic to my site!
  • A Lilly Pulitzer cottage in Nantucket…to be honest, I’m surprised it’s taken this long but when can I check in?
  • I loved this post from Katie on how she organizes her digital life. I pride myself on organization but always find myself taking cues from her, especially in the way of things like photo storage and backend things for the blog!
  • Another goodie from Jen–a sweet recollection from her study abroad days.
  • Tomorrow is National Stripes Day! You know this is a holiday I can get behind :)

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  1. Aw, thanks for including me in this lovely roundup! I agree with you on H+M. The physical storefront is like the sixth level of hell — always messy and chaotic and cheap-feeling. But, there have been some amazing finds lately! xoxo

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      You couldn’t have articulated it better!

      Posted 4.5.18 Reply