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Best spring shoes

After a week of oscillating temperatures (seriously, is this a joke? It was humid on Wednesday and I sweat on my way to work…but I digress), the cherry on top seems to be that it might snow tomorrow. You know me, I love a good cold day and I REALLY love snow, but the lack of consistently here seems to be driving everyone crazy. So naturally, it only makes sense to shop for spring and summer because within 60 days in the swamp (aka the District), I know I’ll be ready for fall temperatures again :)

This week got a slow start, but moved along nicely thanks to a couple fun happy hours with friends.  I’m heading to RPM Italian tonight to celebrate our bestie’s grad school acceptances, and spending some time with friends tomorrow night after hopefully heading to the Tidal Basin for some cherry blossoms in the morning (rain or or shine!). Stay tuned on Insta, of course :) Hope you have a great one, friends!

Converse ‘Shoreline’ sneakers

I love my Supergas, but feel myself reaching for Converse more often in the summer months. I think it’s because they slide on and off, and I really like wearing them to baseball games or to the grocery store. Lace-up Converse aren’t my thing, but the Shorelines sure are!

M.Gemi ‘Attorno’ sandals

Full disclosure that M.Gemi gifted me this pair a couple of years ago, but if I was in the market to splurge on a pair of sandals, I’d buy them all over again. The quality and comfort are exceptional; the leather is soft, so make sure you’re kind of careful with banging them around, but there was zero break-in time–huge for a pair of heels! I love wearing them with shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans…they truly go with everything.

Forever 21 gingham slides

I mentioned this last week, but I ordered these sandals after Jen posted about them a few weeks ago. I can’t tell you the last time I bought something from Forever 21 that wasn’t a $2.80 tank to wear under a sweater (actually, I was wearing a pair of leggings from there around the house the other day and J thought they were tights because they were so sheer…yikes) but could not get these out of my head. I haven’t felt that way about a piece of clothing or accessory in awhile–which is probably why I’ve been shopping less, so no complaints there–but no complaints that my infatuation this time around came with a modest $18 price tag.

J.Crew Factory wedges

Victoria wrote this great post on espadrilles and they truly are such a versatile spring and summer shoe. I own the J.Crew version in tan from a couple of years ago, but the Factory pairs goes on sale all the time. They’re as comfortable as a high heel gets (though I have had to use a blister stick around the tops of my feet after wearing them outdoors for hours) and go with everything. I typically leave mine at my desk at work but often find myself bringing them back and forth for the weekends!

Jack Rogers 

My all time favorite summer sandal. I have them in gold and silver and wear them constantly. They’re so easily dressed up or down, go with everything, and are perfect when you just need to put on shoes but can’t be bothered to think about which pair. The downside is the painful break-in process but once they soften, you’ll be instantly in love! Also, a pair will last you years–they age very well!

Steve Madden ‘Irene’ sandal

I got these in black suede last summer and wore them constantly. They also come in a slew of other colors and a couple different fabrics. If you’re looking for a low heel that’s commute-friendly, can be worn from everything to weddings to dinners the office, this one’s for you!

Everlane slides

A versatile, well-made slide under $100? Yes, please! I got into slides last year after looking to change up my shoe game a little bit (I literally wore Jacks daily) and have found them to be a great spring/summer option. They’re definitely on the more casual side but with their versatility and lighter weight, are also perfect for travel.

P.S.: 8 spring sandals from Katie!

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  1. katie wrote:

    I love my Converse Shorelines and Steve Madden heeled sandals, too! Both are essentials in any closet! Thanks for sharing my link :]

    Posted 4.6.18 Reply
  2. I’ve been eyeing up the Steve Madden heels for so long and I really need to get them!! Great for so many spring summer occasions…

    Posted 4.6.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      You so should! I love love the low heel. You can do some solid walking in them with zero pain!

      Posted 4.10.18 Reply