Some Personal Goals

Personal Goals

We got back from California last night, which marked the end of a travel-filled spring (upstate NY, The Greenbrier, a weekend ski trip, Amsterdam, NYC, Boston + Maine, and a wedding in Dallas) and since the only other trips we have planned are in June–our college reunion at the beginning of the month, and one of my oldest friend’s weddings at the end of the month–I’m hoping to feel more settled at home and able to tackle a few personal goals/projects/to-dos that have been lingering (and sometimes, nagging) in the back of my mind. A couple are wellness-related, a couple are business related, and one is financial/travel-related…a nice mix of things to keep busy, I suppose :)



Joining Orangetheory is definitely the best health and fitness decision I’ve ever made for myself and now that I’ve been going 8x/month since September, I’ve been thinking about my fitness routine as a whole. Most weeks I really just go to OTF twice and have plans on other nights of the week (or just have a lot to do at home and want to get back right after work), and in the fall, I occasionally went for a run outside another day of the week. Lately, I’ve been craving more exercise–to ideally get up to 3-4x/week, at least most weeks–and after debating whether to upgrade my OTF membership to unlimited or try another class (there isn’t really a general gym in the area I love so don’t plan on joining one), am planning to give yoga a shot. I haven’t taken a yoga class in years but really want to focus on further strengthening my core and improving my posture. High intensity training can be rough on the body and since I already have back issues, doing something that’s active but also helps combat some of that pain in another way should be a welcome addition to my routine. The plan is to do a two week trial at a studio starting this week or next, so fingers crossed I love it!

Take vitamins diligently

Ugh you guys, I used to be so good at taking my vitamins every single day. I’ve been slacking in this department lately and need to find a way to be more disciplined. The three I realistically should be able to take daily are a multivitamin, hair and nails vitamin, and a probiotic–these are all stored in our kitchen at home, and somehow the probiotic that lives in the fridge is often forgotten. I also have B12, fish oil, and vitamin C at work and should probably take those too, but am going to start small. Any time I’m feeling under the weather, I kick myself for not being more diligent in my vitamin consumption habits.

Flesh out the “shop”

I recently purchased Empress’ “Boutiques” plugin and have done some preliminary work to get it set up with my favorite things (things I own and love, current seasonal favorites, and more), but want to put some more time into adding items and keeping each section of the shop current. It’s an easy way for me to showcase my favorite things without inundating the site with shopping posts, and makes it really easy for you guys to browse + shop since items are essentially broken down by category. There are already a bunch of goodies in there…you can find the “shop” at the top of my site on the categories bar!

Rebuild my Facebook page

Some of you may remember that I had to create a new page for the blog because Facebook wouldn’t let me edit the name on my previous one. While my following there wasn’t huge, it’s really not fun having to start from scratch! I have a cousin at Facebook who’s been recommending some tips + tricks, but I also need to do a better job putting time into rebuilding the audience. These are among the not-so-fun backend things related to blogging…despite the algorithm, Facebook has always driven a lot of traffic to my site and many people have personally told me that that’s how they prefer to read new posts, so I know it’s important to invest in fleshing out the new page and audience. If you’d like to follow along there, you can do so here!

Find a new billing system

This personal goal relates to my freelance work…I desperately need to implement an improved billing system. I currently create invoices in InDesign and have client folders saved on my computer to track invoicing. Despite this system sufficing on a basic level, I want to make it easier for clients to pay (like with a credit card, if they choose) and create a better bookeeping process that’ll help tally totals and better track the projects I work on. Using Toggl has already changed things for the better, so implementing Freshbooks is my next step.

Make a travel credit card plan

It’s been a couple of years since J and I started getting into the airline points game and we’re hoping to snag the coveted Southwest Companion Pass for 2019-2020 (Ashlee’s shared how to get it for two consecutive years!). We’ve mostly been accumulating miles rather than redeeming them, and I want to take some time to think strategically about what our plan of action would be in terms of opening new credit cards and optimizing our earning potential. I’m a huge proponent of travel hacking in the form of miles–if you aren’t doing it, you’re simply missing out on free flights, really–and want to make sure we have our ducks in a row for the Companion Pass and to make sure we’re in a good place to act on any new sign up bonuses.

That’s basically a top line summary of my current mental and physical to-do list…a few other ladies are sharing their personal goals as part of this month’s Empress prompt…I’m hoping reading them will inspire me to check the boxes on my own list!

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  1. Shirsha wrote:

    Yoga has been on my mind forever now… and while I am getting a fair bit of exercise lately, my body has just been feeling so stiff, and inflexible… I’ve got my plate kinda full right now, but I am hoping that in a few months time, once I’ve tackled some of my current goals, I can find out a regular way to practise yoga.

    Posted 4.25.18 Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    For almost 3 years I was diligent about taking my pre-natal vitamins. But of course as soon as I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding, I almost completely stopped. You’d think it would have been a habit at that point! Ugh, that’s a focus of mine right now too. I actually include it on my daily to do list since I love to cross things off my list!

    Posted 4.25.18 Reply