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Around Here XI

Happy unofficial first week of summer! Hope everyone had a nice long weekend…I didn’t expect to take Monday off from posting, but we had a really productive couple of days around here catching up on freelance work, housework, puppy things, and seeing a few friends. I’m still trying to get into my routine again–getting a puppy unsurprisingly really throws things off. I knew that’d be the case, but have still felt behind on life in general and am really trying to simultaneously embrace this exciting time while not stressing about everything that’s falling by the wayside. We’re just a week away from the month mark, is truly proof that the year is flying by. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on around here lately, including two trips I’m incredibly excited about!


As I mentioned, we’ve had Millie for about four weeks and are settling in around here! She’s been an angel as far as puppies go…it’s not smooth sailing, but it’s certainly not as bad as we expected. I’ve been planning to get a full post up to introduce her, but I want to take some good photos of her and she doesn’t exactly like sitting still (or sitting on the couch and not trying to climb over the tops and arms.) She’s a toy cockapoo and definitely seems to have the poodle intelligence people talk about, which is a blessing and a curse. Commands are kind of sticking but she’s also very mischievous and tries to manipulate us a bit–typical 11 week old puppy behavior. I can’t wait to share more! In the meantime, she’s frequently on my Insta stories.

Invisibobble hair ties

I typically only wash my hair every three or so days but wear it up a lot, which typically means some kind of creasing–even with these hair ties, that I swore by for years. I still like them, but was eager to test out the ~new~ thing that emerged a few months ago: Invisibobble. They seemed kind of weird and unnecessarily 1990s at first, but they promise that they won’t crease or pull out your hair. While kind of stupidly expensive as far as hair ties go, they do deliver on their promise. If your hair isn’t overly thick or heavy, you can wear them while working out, too. I don’t wear them during Orangetheory but they work great for something with less impact like yoga or pilates.

Five year college reunion

We’re headed up to Hamilton, NY tomorrow for our five year college reunion! I’m sure most who have traveled for a similar type of reunion can relate, but it’s hard to imagine that we’ve been in the “real world” for half a decade. I’ve been back to campus a handful of times for various reasons, but this weekend obviously has a different purpose. It’ll be so nice to see faces for the first time in years, and nearly all my closest friends are making the trip back, too, so we can finally get everyone together without trying to make a big plan on our own :)


J and I just booked a trip to Bermuda! We’ll be there for two nights in July and are treating it as our birthday gifts to each other. It’s been on both of our bucket lists since before we even started dating and I’m glad we’re finally making it happen. It’s a very quick, direct flight from DCA and we snagged a great mileage fare (12.5k AA miles) for the way there, and a reasonable out-of-pocket flight on the return. If you have any recommendations of things to do, places to eat, etc., I’d love to hear them!

Skincare + an esthetician

After years (over a decade) of dealing with finicky, oversensitive skin, I finally decided to see an esthetician. After a couple years with a dermatologist and chemical peels + a couple aggressive products, I wasn’t seeing the results I was hoping for. I went to Kayla at Adrienne Shostak last Tuesday and cannot recommend her or the signature treatment more. My skin already looks better than it has in months. These visits are definitely going to be a regular thing and are an investment–I’m planning on going every six weeks for a few sessions–but considering I spent several hundred dollars on multiple chemical peels and still wasn’t happy with the outcome, this feels so worth it. They do extractions, exfoliation, a double cleanse, and more; while it isn’t cheap, it does feel like you get what you pay for and I feel so much better knowing that we’re tackling the problem from the inside out, rather than slapping on harsh and damaging products. I’ll be sure to share more as I continue, but would be curious to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience!

What’s new with you guys? Any exciting summer plans on the horizon?

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    Yayyy Bermuda and reunion! I hope you have a blast this weekend :) Also, I love those hair ties and wear them all the time!

    Published 5.30.18
  2. Erica wrote:

    This seems so silly after seeing your posts, but I am in need of some black hair ties. I couldn’t figure out where to get them at a reasonable price. Of course Amazon has everything! Have a great time this weekend. And Bermuda…I’m jealous!

    Published 5.30.18
  3. You’re going to love Bermuda! It’s so so beautiful and charming. And keep the Millie pictures coming!!

    Published 5.30.18
  4. Charlotte wrote:

    I can’t wait for a Millie-dedicated blog post!

    Published 5.30.18
  5. Ashlee wrote:

    Have so much fun in Hamilton!


    Published 5.31.18