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Cute Wedding Dresses for Guests Under $200

First things first: holy allergy season and what happened to Spring…? DC hit 90 degrees yesterday and is forecasted to do the same today, meaning that coupled with my crippling allergies and sweaty everything, it not so gently reminded me why Fall is my favorite season. Fingers crossed we haven’t just nosedived into Summer, because I’m not ready! The al fresco, non-jacket wearing temps, I will take, though.

This week has been exhausting in both good and bad ways…I went to yoga on Monday, over to Katie’s on Tuesday, OTF and dinner with a couple friends yesterday, and pilates last night…trying to make the best of an unlimited two weeks with the trial I purchased). All good plans but coupled with the aforementioned allergies and a couple random ailments that have popped up (when it rains it pours, doesn’t it?), I’ve been exhausted. But I’m rallying because I’m headed to Annapolis for one of my oldest friend’s bachelorettes! We’ve been friends since we were seven or eight and she’s the first to tie the knot in our little group, so it will undoubtably be the best time :)

Speaking of said bachelorette, it’s May, so it’s wedding season (and dress season in general)! Since most of my friends aren’t engaged yet, we only had one wedding this Spring, have this one in June, and another in September. My closet is seriously lacking in the dress department even though I have this one that I’ve worn to two weddings in less than one year, so window shopping has certainly been a thing over the past couple of months! I did just pick up this pretty one from J.Crew for under $50, but it’s unfortunately since sold out (though some things tend to pop back in stock with returns, so worth checking back if you love it; also this one has a similar hem and is 40% off!). In any case, here are some other cute wedding dresses for guests under $200…they’re hopefully ones that can last you for wedding seasons to come! I’ve personally tried on and nearly kept both this maxi and this bow-neck number–the only reason I didn’t keep them was because I ordered them at the same time as the DVF and decided to keep that instead.

Have a great weekend, friends!

PS: You can shop cute wedding dresses for guests under $200 on my “Shop” page!

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