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Friday Things

Hello from 35,000 feet! We are finally on our way to Dallas after quite the travel fiasco. We woke up this morning (Thursday morning; I’m writing this on the plane and prescheduling it!) at 4:45am to an email that our 6:55am flight, direct from DCA to DAL, had been canceled. They’d sent the email at 11:40pm but obviously we were asleep by then. I called Southwest immediately and they said bad weather was to blame (though both DC and Dallas were literally just partly cloudy, sooo…) and all but one flight from DCA was full. They put us on a 3:45pm flight through St. Louis and as the day went on, we watched our DC to STL flight get delayed and delayed to the point where it was clear we’d miss our Dallas connection.

Luckily they were able to get us on a 8:45pm direct flight out of BWI, which is where we are now! It’s certainly not ideal since getting to BWI isn’t nearly as easy as getting to DCA if you live in the city, but I’m glad we were forced to do it because it’s really not as bad as it sounds. You take the MARC from Union Station and ride a free ~5ish minute bus that drops you off directly at your terminal. I’m really bummed to have missed a day at home (we were supposed to get my outfits for this weekend tailored–so fingers crossed they fit–get massages at my go-to place that’s only $45/hour, and eat at my favorite restaurant). The next two days will be jam packed so it’s not a great feeling to go into things sleep deprived, but I know we’ll have a blast regardless :)

Enough of the travel saga (hopefully you at least took away that DC to BWI isn’t terrible–I’d almost argue it’s better than IAD!)…hopefully everyone’s Thursday went a little more smoothly! The highlight of my week was going to Rose’s Luxury with a bff who is moving to NYC next week. It’s been on her DC bucket list and is my favorite but sadly we’ve never been at the same time, but she was willing to get there at around 4 to snag us a spot in line. We had the best little date night at the chef’s counter…if you go, make sure and get the shrimp toast they have on the menu right now + the citrus tiramisu–they are phenomenal!


I’m currently using this tote bag (pictured above in my poor airport iPhone shot) as my personal item and reach for it nearly every time I fly. It’s insanely spacious yet fits under the seat in front of you (even when I’ve packed a lot in!) and I like that it has a large zippered pocket on the outside–where I usually tuck my phone, boarding passes, and phone charger–and a really pretty striped blue + white lining on the inside. It’s currently massively on sale for $60 and I cannot recommend it enough! The quality is so good and it comes with a longer strap, too. Oh, and it also flattens really well–key for storage when it’s not in use!

A “before and after” of Jackie’s new apartment–her eye for decor and mixing new + vintage always impresses me!

Sarah’s comprehensive guide to Mexico City makes me want to plan a trip ASAP. The only time I’ve come close to visiting was senior year of high school when we went to Cancun for spring break and flew through Mexico City. My friend’s jewelry got stolen out of her checked luggage (she did have it in a very obvious jewelry box and definitely should have put it in her carry on…it’s something we tease her about to this day) so I’m looking to make actual memories there :)

A fun look at the evolution of DC’s food scene. If you’ve visited the city in the past couple of years, you probably know that we’re becoming quite the dining destination! It’s really cool to learn about some of the dishes that helped put us on the map–even though most people who live here will say that things were so meh even just five or six years ago!

How to pair wine with your Shake Shack burgers (really!)

A strawberry frosé recipe that’s so simple to make and looks amazing!

This post from Grace really resonated with me. Brain fog is such a real thing, and I feel like I experience it in some form every few months. It’s a frustrating setback and I feel like mine hits most often with stress, so this is a good reminder to take.it.easy. because not doing so only exacerbates the problem.



Finally sharing some background + pics of our little pup!

My top five burgers in DC, ranked.

Two outfit posts featuring pieces from one of my favorite brands: Italian-made summer sandals for under $100, and the versatile black top that’ll be in rotation all year long (it’s one of two shirts I packed with me this weekend!)

The dreamiest vacation home and a healthy dose of decor inspo.

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    Ooh, that bag looks awesome–may have to order it as well! I hope the wedding is a blast and you enjoy your time at home. So fun meeting Millie this week! :)

    Published 6.22.18
    • Monica wrote:

      You would love it!!! Perfect for all those NYC trips :)

      Published 6.24.18
  2. katie wrote:

    So glad you finally made it there! Travel delays are no fun – hopefully it is smooth sailing on your way back. Have a great time!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 6.22.18
  3. Charlotte wrote:

    Travel delays are the worst! Glad you finally made it out of DC!

    Published 6.26.18