Gingham Skirt + A Mini Fitness Update

Gingham skirt

A little blogging behind the scenes moment for you today where a shoot doesn’t totally go as planned! Katie and I snapped these before brunch in Georgetown a few weeks ago and 1) my shirt kept moving around at the bottom and creating a very unflattering photo (it’s a little bunchy with a skirt IRL but looks more natural/isn’t problematic compared it how it looks when photographed) and 2) the sun came out strong mid-shoot, which really throws things off from a lighting perspective. We were on a tight schedule and I’m not always the most patient when it comes to shooting outfits so sometimes don’t aim to get as many “options” as I should. As such, I’d typically re-shoot, but this gingham skirt is on sale and there are only a few sizes left so figured I’d let you guys know! It’s 100% cotton and like most everything Brooks Brothers makes, is very high quality. I’m wearing my normal size 4 in this gingham skirt and probably could have fit into a 2 since I prefer to wear it higher-waisted.

Work-appropriate sleeveless shirts that tuck into skirts are a current gap in my wardrobe, so I typically reach for this old seersucker button down from L.L. Bean which requires a little bit of tuck-adjusting during the day but in general, works well. My preference is usually 100% cotton so if you have any favorites, let me know! I’ve also worn this with a simple silky tank and if I were to reshoot these photos, would definitely be wearing that combination!


On another note, it’s been just over a month since I started incorporating yoga into my fitness routine (which was pretty much just Orangetheory 8x/month, aside from the very rare outdoor run) and I wanted to share a brief update. The goal has been to attend 2-3 class per week and while that hasn’t necessarily been a consistent thing, it feels like I’m getting my money’s worth out of an unlimited membership (which made the best financial sense if I were going to go to at least six classes in a month). The studio offers much more than just yoga–pilates, pilates barre, body rolling, and more. I’ve been attending the pilates classes the most as my main goal is to strengthen my core, and I love that most of them are 45 or 50 minutes so they aren’t a huge time commitment. Part of why I went with the monthly membership is because I knew I’d weirdly feel guilty spending a full class “credit” on a 45 minute class vs. a 1.5 hour class…not a rational thought at all, since both types serve their own (great!) purpose, but one I knew would make me attend fewer classes and not actually see a benefit of a consistent practice. I’ll share a more detailed post with a fitness + wellness update later in the summer once it’s been a few months in this routine!


Top: L.L. Bean (old)
Gingham Skirt: Brooks Brothers (on sale!)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory
Tote: L.L. Bean

Gingham Skirt + A Mini Fitness Update featured by popular DC fashion blogger Monica Dutia

Photos by Katie Urban

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  1. kaite wrote:

    Love this skirt and top on you! One day we will be pro photographers!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

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