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I’m Loving: These Cute Summer Bags

I’m back in DC after a whirlwind weekend in central New York celebrating my fifth college reunion! We got back yesterday afternoon and I was so grateful to have a few hours left in the day to get our ducks in a row and settle back in with Millie. Waking up for work today was a real struggle and I’m predicting an early bedtime again tonight, despite both The Bachelorette and game four of the Stanley Cup finals. How were your weekends?

Cute Summer Bags:

Onto the fun stuff! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen an abundance of wicker/rattan/cane bags and purses over the past year or so. The style is back in the form of a booming trend and I am so selfishly excited (but realistically, will have these in my wardrobe for years to come). I’ve always been drawn to the look–my parents have these rattan chairs that I can’t get enough of, despite their wear–and was really excited to make a wicker crossbody mine during a trip to the Cape last year. Mine is a Peggy Fisher (seen in this post), which don’t seem to be widely available online but are so pretty, if you see one in stores. Major retailers are stepping up their game, too, so I’ve rounded up a bunch of favorite cute summer bags in case you’re equally excited about adding this style to your handbag rotation. I actually saw a beautiful white wicker clutch with gold hardware while at a thrift store this weekend and was trying to be responsible, so made myself put it back. If there are vintage stores near you, you may have luck there, too!

And I didn’t include any in the roundup above because I completely spaced as I was putting together the graphic, but J.McLaughlin is a complete gold mine for cute summer bags made of wicker. This one is a stunning classic, but you really can’t go wrong with the styles and quality.


ONE: Pamela Munson clutch (I die) // TWO: Street Level bag (they sell out quickly but are consistently adding new styles, so check back) // THREE: Zara crossbody ($50!) // FOUR: Kayu clutch (her clutches are my favorite–the workmanship is so good) // FIVE: Anthropologie woven crossbody (a safe bet if you’re torn between styles!) // SIX: J.Crew clutch (if you’re willing to spend more, get this one) // SEVEN: Inge Christoper Minaudiere (so cool, and a little unconventional)

PS: Another beautiful clutch that was one of my most popular items on the blog a couple years back!

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