I’m Loving: Chic Storage Baskets

cute storage baskets featured by popular DC lifestyle blogger, Monica Dutia

There aren’t too many things we need for our little apartment right now, but something I’d spent way too long searching for were chic storage baskets. We have decent sized closets for clothes but our shared closet space is negligible (just one “hallway” slash living room coat closet, that’s a good size but is also home to all our winter coats, J’s golf clubs, the vacuum, extra paper towels and toilet paper, and a couple plastic bins of misc. things) so I’ve always looked for pretty but functional receptacles that won’t break the bank, since so much of our storage has to be on “display.” Much easier said than done!

I personally prefer a woven or rattan basket vs. something plastic or wood. However, it’s kind of nuts how much retailers are charging for said baskets…even H&M starts around $30! The places where I’ve had the most success is TJMaxx and The Container Store. TJMaxx is obviously hit or miss–luckily it’s been a hit the two times I’ve needed one–and The Container Store is pricey but in my experience, the quality is superior and you [kind of] get what you pay for. Obviously I can’t link to TJMaxx finds but we currently have a large oval brown basket for our laundry, a lidded light colored basket for extra bedsheets, a small woven basket for Millie’s toys, and a larger, square woven basket for Millie’s pee pads (which she decided she’d grown up from nearly immediately after we purchased a new pack of 100, so we’re looking for an animal shelter in DC where we may be able to donate.) We have this basket from The Container Store in our bedroom and while it does have a bit of a smell, it’s definitely the most sturdy. I’d let Millie near it with no concern! J keeps his hats in this footstool and while the color is not my favorite “basket shade,” it’s definitely a good way to corral his collection.



We may end up moving some things around in our living room, which has us shopping around for another large storage basket. I’m honestly just tempted to buy this one again! However, I did do some research and found a few more contenders so figured I’d share in case anyone else was in the market. Pottery Barn seems to have a bunch of nice looking options, but you’re paying a few bucks more for the name (and hopefully the quality…?) I truly hate how much these things are to buy given that it’s SO obvious how little they cost to produce, but aside from TJMaxx, truly budget versions seem to be few and far between. If you know of another source, please let me know! A bunch of Container Store + H&M options are linked below, if you want to explore what’s out there.

P.S. Thank you to Sarah who flagged that you can actually shop on TJMaxx’s website! I had no idea…this lidded basket and this open-top one are great.

Image via My Domaine–I wish I had a good one of baskets in our home but here’s hoping I snap one soon!

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  1. Oh I really love that ottomon! It’s so cute and functional. I could use a few of these myself for my closet — i feel like there’s a better way to store my shoes and such! TY for all the recs :)

    Posted 7.25.18 Reply
    • Ottoman*** dangit.

      Posted 7.25.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes I’m so happy to have the hats all concealed hahaha. Can’t wait to see what you do with your space!

      Posted 7.26.18 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    TJ Maxx has a great website, actually! They have a lot of affordable options on there–perfect for organization addicts like me ;)

    Posted 7.25.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Omg! This is game-changing. I just assumed it was still like what HomeGoods always has been with their website! Definitely going to be updating this post with some finds from their site. Thank you!!

      Posted 7.26.18 Reply
  3. Elyse wrote:

    Check thrift stores for these too – I volunteer at a thrift shop, and the baskets are a few dollars at most.

    Posted 7.27.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      That is such a good idea, Elyse! I tend to write off the couple in the city that are closest to me since they’re paying city rent prices so things don’t feel like a steal, but I should check them out!!

      Posted 7.29.18 Reply
  4. katie wrote:

    I have one of the Pottery Barn baskets and it is AMAZING! Would totally recommend — and agree, these are a great way to store things around the house!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 7.28.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Ah yes! Maybe I should invest…your plant does look great in there!

      Posted 7.30.18 Reply