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I’ve been wanting to share this post of summer essentials for awhile and had finally planned to get it up two Fridays ago, until Millie’s stomach bug derailed things. It feels like we’re about halfway through summer but depending on where you live, you’re like us and have more than two more months of warm temperatures ahead. You probably know by now that I aim to invest in high-quality classics that will last year after year (and in many cases, will be seasonless) even if it means paying more upfront. The closets in our place are also quite small and we lack significant storage, which is also always a good reminder to buy fewer, better things.

P.S. Meg wrote a wonderful post on how she built and maintained a classic wardrobe  (I shared it on Friday, but it’s worth mentioning in conjunction with this!) and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking to invest in a few great pieces and avoid clutter/overly doing trends.

Here are my 10 most worn summer items aka summer essentials–two of them are new to the rotation this year but will definitely see equal usage as time goes on!

PERSIFOR DRESSES: I have three Persifor dresses in this material (this particular one is a favorite print and it’s nearly half off) and they are literally the best for easy summer wear and travel. They don’t wrinkle and are machine washable–the latter of which is a huge perk to me because #alwayssweating–so while they’re pricey upfront, the cost per wear is excellent. I typically wear a size small. And on another note, this bag is my favorite personal item for airplanes!

AMERICAN EAGLE WHITE JEANS: If you’d told me two years ago that my go-to pair of white denim came from one of my favorite middle school retailers, I’d have literally laughed in your face. I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t actually tried designer white denim since the thought of spilling on and ruining an expensive pair sounds like a terrible idea. Old Navy was my default until I tried these…many people say to size up but I actually sized down because they stretch. You can’t beat the price and they’re not sheer at all!

RAY-BAN WAYFARERS: These pretty much epitomize the phrase “summer essentials”–a classic pair of sunglasses that I’m convinced look good on everyone! I have a tough time buying sunnies because of my face shape, and wayfarers have consistently been my favorite over the years. I wear them constantly!

GIGI NEW YORK CROSSBODY: This bag was on my “to-buy” list for literally years, and I finally ordered it during their Memorial Day sale! I’ve used it literally every weekend since and it’s replacing 2-3 other crossbodies in my closet. This will undoubtably be on my “fall essentials” list (and winter, and spring) and think a simple black crossbody is one of the most versatile bags you can have in your closet.

SAIL TO SABLE DRESSES: I’ve gone on and on about how much I swear by 100% cotton items during the summer, and Sail to Sable makes the best linen dresses. They’re more on the casual side but I can get away with wearing them to work, which is nice. Also on the pricey side but you can find them on sale (they’ll do sales on their own site, and Ruelala always has them). I’ve never paid full price!



JACK ROGERS SANDALS: A fairly self-explanatory addition to the list at this point, since I wear them in nearly all outfits that appear on this blog between April and September. They’re truly my go-to summer shoe, as they come in all neutral colors and can be dressed up or down. They’re actually super marked down right now–I usually get mine on sale, but they’re not typically as low as 40% off like the gold ones are right now. A white pair are headed my way!

J.CREW FACTORY SANDALS: These were a late May purchase and I’ve worn them at work nearly every day since they arrived! They do take a little bit of break-in time but are a great pair to have if lower heels are your thing. They also come in black! If you’re in the market for something a tiny bit higher, I have and love this Steve Madden pair.

J.CREW 4″ CHINO SHORTS: In my opinion, this was probably the worst casualty of J.Crew’s quality drop a couple years ago…the 4″ white pair just isn’t the same! I got mine three years ago and they’re this great thick cotton and aren’t sheer at all. I reach for them almost weekly so wanted to pick up another pair, but the quality the past two years as been so average compared to the original. It’s less of an issue for non-white colors, but I hate when you can see the labels and pockets with a white pair (not to mention a tinge of coloring below if you’re not completely fair skinned!)

STRIPED COTTON TEES: I have several striped cotton tees in my closet and wear them constantly all year long! It always surprises me how much I end up reaching for them during the summer, too, but they’re breathable, go with everything, and are what I feel the most comfortable in. My favorites are from Saint James (their sizing is funny, so make sure and read the reviews/sizse chart or shoot me an email and I’ll try to help!) but I also have a handful J.Crew ones. People who see my closet always like to comment on how unsurprising it is that such a large portion of my tops are striped, but I guess I know what I like :)

L.L. BEAN BOAT & TOTE: Another no-brainer on this list–Boat & Totes are the best! We have a few of them (Millie has her own, too) and I use them constantly. They make the perfect gym bag, travel tote, and even storage receptacle in a closet. You can decide between the open top or the zipped top.

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