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I’m Loving: MANGO

I mentioned this in Friday’s post, but when I was in early high school, MANGO was my favorite store. I don’t even know how I got into them in the first place since they’re a Spanish brand and had a very small to nonexistent US footprint at the time, but I think my worldly cousin must have introduced me and I excitedly stopped at every location we came across while on vacation in Europe that summer. While my first thing purchase from there was a black and gray muscle tee with “MNG” screen printed down the front (LOL), I’ve picked up some great items from them over the years. It’s very Zara-like in style, quality, and price, but I find the selection much easier to navigate and the designs to be a little more conservative.

They’re currently doing 15% off 1 item or 20% off 2+ items, and I placed an order last week (that arrived in two days with free shipping!). The sale section is brimming with good finds, and returns are free so it’s easy to try things and return. European sizing can be tricky! I’m pretty consistently a 4 but smalls (vs. mediums) can be snug on me up top. Also, the free returns are especially helpful since, like Zara, quality can be a little hit or miss in the way of thinner cotton fabrics and unlined vs. lined for some pieces that you’d expect to have a lining. In an effort to truly only buy what I need instead of also what I want, I’m only keeping one dress–this one in blue!

Here are a few things I’m loving…and if you read Friday’s post, this dress was too snug for my current preferences (it would have been perfect during my college formal years, though), this shirtdress was too snug up top, and the lining on this lace dress sat a little funny so I’m going to pass. I’m also exceptionally picky in what I’ll keep–based on both fit and the gaps in my closet that need to be filled–so am used to trying and returning en masse. Hopefully you find something you love, too!

This dress comes in three colors and looks way more expensive than it actually is (especially with the current $24 price tag)–I’m keeping the blue and am probably wearing it at an upcoming outdoor wedding!


I want this dress so badly, but it’s out of stock in most sizes! You can enter your email to notified of restocks and it looks like sizes are coming and going…they emailed me yesterday saying there were two left in my size but I didn’t get to ordering quick enough before they disappeared again.


If you’re attending a black tie wedding or need a formal option to have on hand (to be honest, this looks like a perfect bridesmaid dress, too!), this gown is marked down to $100 and is beautiful! Lots of sizes are still available, too.


The MANGO shoe section should not be overlooked…it’s so good! It’s hard not to think about fall fashion now that we’re passed the August midpoint, so consider this pair if you’re looking for a versatile pair of low-heeled booties.


This looks like the perfect desk to drinks shirt–I love how easily it can be dressed up or down and worn all year long.


An LBD under $40…sadly currently sold out in most sizes, but enter your email to be updated when there’s a restock!


This dress comes in black but the red is so fun! It’s super marked down, too.


A tote bag I’d 100% buy if I needed a new tote…I love the structure and that it sits upright! It also comes in tons of colors.


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  1. Ashlee wrote:

    I’ve never purchased anything from Mango, but I’ve been browsing their site lately! Might have to take the plunge on a few new fall items!

    Love that blue dress you kept!

    Ashlee | http://www.cobaltchronicles.com

    Published 8.20.18
    • Monica wrote:

      I feel like you’d love their stuff! Esp in the way of shoes and accessories (and sweaters!)

      Published 8.23.18