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Hello from New England! We flew into Hartford last night and are spending some time with J’s family before attending my sorority little’s wedding on Saturday! It’s also conveniently one of Brimfield’s three shows of the year, and I’ve been wanting to attend since I first heard about it four or five years ago. I’ll post on Insta Stories so if you’re curious to see what America’s largest flea market is like, feel free to follow along! I’m limited to our half-full carry-ons so won’t be able to do too much damage this time around 🙃

On a totally different note, I’ve been wanting to properly introduce a couple cool blog features that have been added over the past few months. They’ve come up here and there + on social media but they’re kind of fun and I spend time/will be spending more time building them out so want you to be able to benefit from them, too!

Washington, DC Restaurants

I get a lot of questions, both from visitors and locals, about my favorite places to eat in DC. I put them all together on a page under the “Travel” category in the nav bar and divided them up by cuisine + included the neighborhood for each. I’d love to build this page out more interactively in the future, but for now, hopefully it’ll still be a good resource if you’re looking to dine in the city. I’m constantly updating it and will always be adding new discoveries!

A note that these are definitely my “favorites” and my actual mental list of “top five” restaurants in the city seems to be constantly evolving thanks to the ever evolving food scene in Washington. If you asked me right now, I’d say my top five (in no particular order) are Le Diplomate (probably no.1 since I’ve been there the most and it’s consistently flawless, save for one server with an attitude), Rose’s Luxury, The Dabney, RPM Italian, and Rasika. Pineapple & Pearls would make the list but it’s such a unique and expensive experience that it doesn’t feel fair to say it’s a place you can just casually have a meal. If you have the opportunity, go! And sit at the chef’s counter.

The Shop

Also in the navigation bar is the “Shop” tab, which I’m committed to keeping more up to date. If you hover, you’ll see “Shop My Instastories” and “Shop My Instagram” – the former has seen better days but I’m going to be updating that more regularly, too. So basically if you see me highlight a product on Insta stories, you can go over to that tab and shop it directly since I don’t have the swipe up feature on Insta (you need 10k followers for that!).

If you click on “Shop” from the navigation bar, you’ll get to the fun part…items broken down in five different categories! You can shop items I own and love, dresses under $200, my travel essentials, home items I own, etc. I’ll be swapping out a couple of these categories depending on the season but this is a good place to go if you’ve seen me mention or discuss something I swear by.


The “lifestyle” category in the nav bar houses the biggest assortment of content so if you’re looking for something outside of searching for it directly, you’ll probably find it there if it isn’t distinctly fashion or recipe-related. I’m bringing back my “A Quick Chat With…” series this fall (stay tuned for the first one about a month from now!) and that’s where personal posts, book reviews, and Trader Joe’s roundups are housed.


The bulk of the sidebar is pretty self-explanatory but I wanted to highlight the featured posts and beauty products I love. I’m not a huge beauty junkie but do have tried and true products I swear by and link to them there. I’m also keeping the “featured posts” section up to date so if you don’t check in regularly, can get a sampling of the past few weeks there. You can also shop my favorite retailers all in one place (yes, I do make a small commission if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, but the money goes right back into the biz!).

Those are some misc. features I wanted to share–I have a couple more things in the works and will share updates as they come to fruition but if there’s anything you want to see, please let me know and I’ll try to make it happen! | Image from this post

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