Friday Things

Following our trip up north last weekend, we’ve spent most of the week in DC stalking weather reports. Luckily it looks like the effects of Florence are going to be pretty mild on our front, but obviously the same can’t be said for much of the Carolinas. If you or loved ones are in the path, stay safe! Our weekend plans were minimal to non-existent because Millie gets spayed today and we don’t want to leave her alone if we don’t have to. They say that it’s harder on the humans than the dog and while I find that hard to believe, am guessing she’ll be in better spirits by day two and we’ll still be fawning over her like she’s immediately post-surgery 🙃

I’ve been reading a lot lately–a new book roundup to come soon!–and am planning on doing a whole lot of that and behind the scenes blog work (in the way of SEO, categorizing content, etc.) that’s been nagging on my to-do list for awhile. Hope you have a nice weekend!


+ The scoop on Chrissy Teigen’s Target line.

+ Merritt’s commitment to fitness never ceases to amaze me–and she put together some workouts you can do in the smallest spaces, sans equipment (think an Airbnb or your apartment!)

+ Tuckernuck always puts together the most beautiful lifestyle guides, and their fall ones are always my favorite. The September one is out now and it’s the inspiration you need as you transition your closet and fill in your wardrobe gaps!

+ We’re teetering on the edge of fall but I still bookmarked the Washington Post’s top 10 summer recipes…I’d easily eat all of this year-round.

+ Two words: Baked Feta.

+ If you’re in DC, Inslee is hosting a painting night next month! Katie and I are going and we can’t wait.

+ More about J.Crew’s new look, as they look to win back customers. I’m especially crossing my fingers for the quality we used to know and love, and am excited that they’ve brought back the catalog!


+ Nine of my favorite Trader Joe’s products.

A few features on this blog that you may not know about!

+ The perfect summer-to-fall transitional outfit.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my story!! And I wish I could go to that painting class—sounds so fun!! Have a lovely weekend and I hope Millie feels better soon.


    Posted 9.14.18 Reply