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Coming at you with a little life lately post today! It’s been an interesting past few weeks–I put in my notice at my last job, took a week off, and started something new last week! I also definitely inadvertently overbooked myself and had plans every night besides Monday (do not recommend during the first week of a new job, but it was for fun things I wasn’t willing to pass up!) so took it pretty easy this weekend with a failed trip to the DMV (they were closed on Saturday for Columbus Day, which is today, and most of us aren’t even getting today off…), spending time with my bff who was in town for a wedding, grabbing dinner with Katie and Diana, and celebrating Ashlee and Michael’s engagement. It sounds like a lot but my plans were pretty batched during the day, so I got hours at home which was much needed and really nice!

Here are some random bits as of late, with a few unedited iPhone snaps…

Art class with Inslee last week! Katie did a great recap.


As of last week, I’m now a graphic designer for a DC-based brand! I’ve been wanting to make a slight career shift in my 9-5 and am so grateful this opportunity came my way. I was in email marketing in my last job and spending after hours doing freelance graphic work, and in the past year I basically realized design and the opportunity to be more visually creative was something I’d love to do full-time. Last week was my first week so I’m very much still the “new girl” and learning all the ropes! I’m so excited for what’s to come.


Full post to come next week, but we’ve crossed the six month mark with Millie! She has been a really good puppy and we feel like we’ve really lucked out–fingers crossed for no regression! There have definitely been some rough patches–developmental “leaps,” post-spay, etc.–but in general I don’t think I can get any easier and the bar has officially been set very high for any puppy we get down the line. My mom asked me the other day whether she brought us the joy we’d hoped for, and I unwaveringly say that that is definitely the case!


I think I first saw Perfect Bars on Julia’s Instagram, but they were on sale at Whole Foods a few weeks ago so I picked up a couple different varieties. I was a little hesitant at first since they’re a refrigerated item, but they can actually be left out at room temperature for up to a week (though I do think they taste best cold!). My favorite so far is the Coconut Peanut Butter but I thought the Blueberry Cashew was good, too. Still making my way through more flavors–the Pumpkin Pie wasn’t my favorite–but you can get them on sale for $2 at Whole Foods, or for $1.99 all the time at Trader Joe’s. I’ve found them to be very filling and satisfying, particularly if you have a hankering for something sweet. They’re in the refrigerated section at the store!


This is probably a no-brainer to many of you, but Bath and Body Works makes the best budget-friendly candles and absolutely dominates that market in my mind, particularly in the fall! I placed an order a couple of weeks ago and picked up “Leaves,” “Flannel,” and “Sweater Weather“. I wish I picked up an “Evergreen,” and my all-time favorite is “Fresh Balsam” (which I’m waiting for post-Thanksgiving to burn exclusively!)


You may have heard of Everlane’s $100 cashmere, which comes in a variety of styles including a classic crewneck, v-neck, ballerina-neck, and this shrunken sweatshirt look that is so cool and definitely on my list. It’s a great way to test out cashmere if you’re in the market for your first sweater, or if you’re looking for something new this year (especially for more unique colors!). They did send me this one in oatmeal–priced a little higher–and the quality is fantastic.


I posted a reader survey last week and if you haven’t already, would love if you’d take it! I haven’t done one in a couple of years and they’re always very helpful when it comes to content planning (particularly with the holidays!) It’s pretty quick, and you can also email me at and share feedback there if that’s easier!

Testing out the new fall menu at City Winery–I highly recommend heading there if you have the chance! There are locations in a few cities.


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  1. Jackie wrote:

    Congrats on the new job, Monica! Can’t wait to hear how it goes – I know you’ll be fab! xox

    Posted 10.8.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Thank you so much, Jackie!!

      Posted 10.9.18 Reply