2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Around $10

Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $10

Whether you’re looking for a couple supplementary gifts or are on a strict budget, here are some items around $10 to give this year! They’re mostly practical but also fun, and many of them will work well when paired something else, too, if you want to spend a little more or already have something else in mind. I’m a huge proponent of writing notes with gifts so you’ll notice that some of these work better if they’re given with some context :)


ONE: Remington fabric shaver ($8) // TWO: Phone cleaning kit ($12) // THREE: Harney & Sons tea tin ($8) // FOUR: Mrs. Meyers Candle ($14 for two) // FIVE: Wet Brush ($8) // SIX: Sistema Microwave Soup Mug ($5) // SEVEN: Bottle of wine (varies) // EIGHT: Set of jumbo mugs ($13 for two) // NINE: Kiehl’s lip balm ($9.50)

REMINGTON FABRIC SHAVER: I’d been considering a sweater de-piller for years and when Mackenzie wrote about this one a few months ago, I decided to try it out. Best.$8.item.ever. Even high quality sweaters will start to pill with heavy use and this is an easy an inexpensive fix. Don’t forget to include the batteries!

PHONE CLEANING KIT: I got J a phone cleaning kit a couple of years ago (in addition to another gift!) and we both appreciate having it on hand. It’s not a fun purchase, but it’s a practical one–or a nice way to send a slightly passive aggressive message to a significant other whose phone looks like it was handled by a five year old :)

HARNEY & SONS TEA TIN: This would also be a great gift for a coworker or a hostess, but Harney & Sons tea tins are so pretty on their own that they don’t need more than a bow + note, if that.

MRS. MEYERS CANDLE: A fan favorite, for good reason! These candles are easy to give and practical, as the scents are inoffensive and generally crowd-pleasing. They’re very reasonably priced, too and with the bundle on Amazon, you get two gifts out of it or get one for yourself.

+ WET BRUSH: I love my Mason Pearson brush, but I also love my $3 mini Wet Brush from CVS. While I currently need to acquire a new one after using mine on Millie in a pinch (we were post-hike in Charlottesville and realized we’d forgotten hers), I frequently traveled with it and kept it at my desk for midday and post-work plan touchups. I’m always surprised that they’re so inexpensive because they are SO good!

SISTEMA MICROWAVE SOUP MUG: Sarah posted about this on Instagram yesterday and I’m going to be getting one for myself because I like taking soup to work for lunch but hate having to heat it up on the stove in the morning in order to use my insulated thermos. The reviews are really good and if you’re shopping for something practical (or want something small to include with say, a cookbook on soup), this would be a great gift.

+ BOTTLE OF WINE: Self-explanatory but had to make it on here! To take things to the next level, add a bow or gift it in a pretty bag, or tack on a bottle opener of some sort.

+ SET OF JUMBO MUGS: You can easily make a little “hot chocolate kit” with a nice big mug, a pack or two of hot chocolate, and some mini marshmallows in a small, inexpensive cellophane bag. If you want to spend a little more, including one of these would be adorable!

+ KIEHL’S LIP BALM: This is another one that makes one of my gift guides every year but it makes a great stocking stuffer, small budget item, and a nice addition to a pouch if you’re looking to add a couple of little treats.

P.S. Today is “Free Shipping Day,” so many retailers are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase! We’re right at the cutoff for ground shipping with no additional fees (though many retailers will likely offer free expedited in the next few days) so if you’re hoping to cross stuff off your list, today is a good day to do so!

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