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While men are known to be the toughest to shop for, it feels like women are sometimes the easiest–except when it comes to narrowing down options! This roundup ended up being a little pricier than I originally intended, so I’m leaving a few more budget options at the end. There are also twelve items rather than the nine from the rest of the gift guides this year…I went with “less is more” but there were some I just couldn’t leave off!


ONE: Paravel Packing Cube Trio ($55) // TWO: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette ($54) // THREE: GiGi New York clutch ($125) // FOUR: SH.N Lotus Earrings via Plan de Ville ($168) // FIVE: Everlane Day Market leather tote ($175) // SIX: Menu Winebreather Carafe ($50) // SEVEN: Lake Pajama shorts set ($84) // EIGHT: Mason Pearson hairbrush ($170) // NINE: Mark & Graham leather pouch ($37 with code UNDER50) // TEN: Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ backpack ($125) // ELEVEN: Saint James tee ($75) // TWELVE: L.L. Bean Flannel PJ Set ($65 + on sale now)


PARAVEL TRAVEL PACKING CUBE TRIO: This could have just as easily made the traveler gift guide, but the Paravel Packing Cube Trio is both incredibly chic and practical. They make the most gorgeous travel pieces and there isn’t a thing they make that I wouldn’t happily use myself.

URBAN DECAY NAKED2 PALETTE: I own the original Naked palette that has since been phased out, but the Naked2 looks equally good! I didn’t buy into the Naked Palette hype for years and finally caved a few months ago only to discover that then fans weren’t kidding! This thing definitely earns a spot in the “makeup essentials” category.

GIGI NEW YORK CLUTCH: A similar GiGi clutch (that has since been discontinued) was on my personal wishlist for at least two years before I splurged on it and I have no regrets in making it mine! I love the simple design and how easily it can be dressed both up and down. The leather is great quality and it’s monogrammable—a win-win!

SH.N LOTUS EARRINGS VIA PLAN DE VILLE: Something about these earrings has stuck with me since they launched on PDV a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. They’re kind of the perfect drop earring and I love how they are both delicate and and a statement at the same time. The mint is gorgeous, too! (As an aside, I recently treated myself to this tote and love it!)

EVERLANE DAY MARKET TOTE: You know how much I love Everlane and I think their Day Market Tote is one of the best things they’ve ever released! It’s a great option in the leather open-top tote market and the quality is really good for the price– Italian leather for under $200! (You can see mine here, here, here, and here.)

Menu Winebreather Carafe: I was on a little VA winery day trip with friends last month and the sweet co-owner at Zephaniah recommended this decanter. We watched it in action and it was so cool! A practical buy for the vino lady on your list.

+ LAKE PAJAMAS SHORTS SET: I’ve had my eye on an Lake Pajamas set for so long but keep reverting back to my old t-shirts and $5 sleep shorts. These will be the first ones I buy when I’m ready for an upgrade…they’re just so cute without being over the top! You know I can’t resist a good stripe, either.

MASON PEARSON HAIRBRUSH: J got me this hairbrush (upon my request) a couple of birthdays ago and it’s one of the best indulgences I’ve ever owned! No one needs this fancy of a hairbrush, but it’s noticeably different–my hair just looks better, and brushing is a weirdly comforting experience. I’d have a hard time buying it for myself, so it’s one of the best gifts I’ve received!

MARK & GRAHAM LEATHER POUCH: A simple gift that can be personalized–I think pouches are one of the most practical gifts for women since most of us carry a large bag at some point, be it daily or while traveling. I always try to corral chargers, headphones, pens, mints, lip balms, etc. into a pouch or two rather than let them pile up at the bottom of my bag.

+ LONGCHAMPM ‘LE PLIAGE’ BACKPACK: Another tried and true that has been on gift guides past but earns its spot again! The Longchamp backpack is my go-to daily bag when I’m traveling internationally–it fits a DSLR, water bottle, and then some, plus the zipper + clap add security–and is a classic that won’t go out of style.

+ SAINT JAMES TEE: There are striped tees and then there are Saint James striped tees—in my mind, the latter are truly the best! They’re an investment but they will wear and last like one…I have a few and they get worn more than any other shirt in my wardrobe. Be sure to check reviews + notes on sizing, and tell the recipient not to put them in the dryer. They really shrink!

L.L. BEAN FLANNEL PJ SET: This pair of pajamas made my women’s gift guide last year but they’re so good and cozy that they’re on here again. They’re also 25% off through today (and you get a $10 gift card with $50 spend) and come in a few different combinations. I love my pair of Bean flannel PJs!

And some more budget gifts for women: these earrings, these sunnies, this scarf, a coffee table book, and a Dogeared necklace.

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  1. Sarah Lyon wrote:

    I have and love that same St. James tee- such a classic! Love my Naked palette, too- I was also late to the game but have used it a ton since buying it this fall!


    Posted 12.11.18 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Why am I not surprised?! :)

      Posted 12.13.18 Reply