Easy Weeknight Dinners I Love Vol. II

Easy Weeknight Meals

Hello from snowy DC! We had our first “snowstorm” this weekend and it actually lived up to the hype–even more so than most of us anticipated! I love snow in any capacity and am not complaining that most of the city is working from home today (or totally have the day off–lucky you, if that’s the case!) Millie is such a happy snow pup and we’re really enjoying these wintry walks with her. She turns into the cutest little nugget–if you’re interested, there’s more on my Insta Stories (and under the “Millie” highlight) :)

Back in May, I shared some of our go-to weeknight dinners and have since been adding a bunch to the “Easy eats” highlight on my Stories! I figured I’d check in with some of the other things we make regularly…we’ve actually started alternating who picks the “recipe for the week” each week, which lets us both take turns choosing what we each want to eat without the other person weighing in. It’s also prompted us to try a bunch of new recipes, which I’ll be sure to share in the near future. In between that main meal prep, we’ll fill in gaps with super simple non-recipes that I figured I’d share more of today!


We make tacos often enough to justify owning four of these and don’t discriminate when it comes to variety! Tortillas are cheap and easy to have on hand, and tacos are a great vehicle for protein and random veggies in the fridge. My one rule is to always heat the tortillas up on the stove (I’ll do it before dirtying the pan with something else and then wrap them in a warm, damp paper towel, or heat them up last in a separate pan). These are a few of our favorites…

Breakfast tacos: I’m a born and bred Texan and am so glad J loves breakfast tacos as much as I do! You can make them so many ways, but ours typically include scrambled eggs, cheese, and salsa and black beans or chicken sausage if we have them on hand and are up for the preparation. You can easily throw on some veggies, too.

Chicken tacos: A super easy one if you have an Instant Pot or slow cooker! Just make a simple pulled chicken (we’ll do something like this but literally just use the broth or water, taco seasoning, and salsa) and add whatever else you have on hand. I’ve found that the chicken dries out easily so when in doubt, stir in some more salsa before re-heating chicken + assembling your tacos.

Turkey tacos: Cook up some ground turkey with taco seasoning and add whatever you have on hand, ideally some of my favorite toppings noted below…

Veggie tacos: My current favorite variety is sweet potatoes + mushrooms, but we’ll throw in black bean for protein if we have them. If you eat fish, try adding shrimp to this, too, as the texture compliments the veggies really well.

And of course, here are my go-to taco toppings…

Non-pizza dough pizza

Growing up, my dad used to make me the most creative homemade pizzas using different types of bread, and it’s something I still do regularly! We’ll use anything from wheat sandwich bread to tortillas (this is an old recipe but so good!) to pita or bagels and anything in between. Sometimes I’ll use the big oven but a lot of times I’ll just power up the toaster oven, which makes this a super easy quick dinner and a great way to use up any veggies in the fridge! You’ll generally want to pre-heat the oven to 400 or 425ºF for a crispier “crust.”

White fish with grain + roasted or sautéed veggies

We’ll pick up some kind of frozen fish (or fresh, depending on the day) and and roast veggies as a side. I didn’t grow up eating meat or seafood at home so the fact that all you need is a flavorful marinade to jazz up a boring piece of fish or chicken still baffles me and makes me so happy. We made a great panko-crusted baked haddock last night and dipped it in a Trader Joe’s sesame dressing I randomly noticed while shopping on Saturday, and had it with roasted broccoli + sautéed kale and shiitake mushrooms. So, so good!

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