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This weekend couldn’t have come at a better time–last week seemingly dragged on, and I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that I slept poorly or that we had a weird mix of really cold and unseasonably warm days (we were in the single digits on Monday and in the 50s by Thursday), but I’m was mentally over the week by about Tuesday!

This Saturday was packed, but in a good way. I tried Barry’s (it was good–similar to OTF but less emphasis on form which bothered me!), had a coworker’s baby shower, and J and I went to dinner + the Guster concert! They were one of my favorite bands in high school and I’ve consistently missed their shows in DC. We’d also somehow never been to the 9:30 Club so it was like checking off two bucket list items at once. Sunday, I went to my first 305 Fitness class with Jenn, Lauren, and a college friend and seriously loved it (This is also truly the weekend of more cardio than I’ve done in two months we are moving slowly around here.) I’m convinced that 305 is the most fun workout on the market right now and I was out of breath by the end of the warmup. My friend with an Apple Watch said she burned the same number of calories as she does in Orangetheory, which pretty much corresponds with how drenched everyone was by the end of class!

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my Story about this new plugin from EmPress called Link in Profile. Pre-plugin, I just had a link to my blog listed in my bio so you’d be directed to the homepage of this site. In some cases, I’d swap out that link for something I was talking about in Stories…it’s tough when you want to link to something specific and don’t have the ability to share it via “swipe up” (you need 10k followers to get that feature)–the only other option is to update the link in your bio to that URL, meaning anyone unfamiliar with your brand who comes across your handle won’t be directed to your website–which is where they should be going! Stories also disappear so if you want to consistently point someone to a designated place, you can’t really do so even with “swipe up.”

Given that Instagram doesn’t allow linking directly in captions either, many business users would benefit from being able to link to multiple things within the platform–which is where Link in Profile comes in! If you’re on WordPress (.org, not .com), you can purchase this plugin to show your main post followed by up to four more destinations–I opted for “All blog posts” (since the main link above goes directly to the most recent post), my Shop page, my DC restaurant recommendations, and my book reviews. Everything is managed through your WordPress platform so it’s really easy to swap out links + titles within the plugin. You can also completely customize the colors, which is such a nice touch from a user and branding experience.

You can call the page whatever you want–I went with “Explore,” so my Instagram bio URL is monicadutia.com/explore. You can see it in action on my page, but note that it’s best viewed on mobile vs. desktop since that’s the whole point of the plugin–to have a better UX from within the Instagram interface!

Lisa and Victoria (the brains behind EmPress) are so incredibly helpful when it comes to being a resource in the blogging world, so rest assured that everything is super streamlined in terms of installation and updates. If you don’t have a blog and are solely a content consumer, hopefully Link in Profile is helpful in navigating to some of the content I share! And if you do have a WordPress site yourself, this should make sharing so much easier. It took me about 20 minutes (with watching Netflix in the background) to set up and customize…fellow bloggers know that’s no time at all when it comes to something technical! :)

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