My Weekday Morning Routine

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Whenever I ask what kind of content you guys want to see on the blog, several responses always have to do with my routine in some way–be it what I eat in a week, my daily schedule, etc. These are some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs, so I figured it was high time to share something similar here myself! Today’s post is what my typical weekday morning looks like…which is a lot different than it looked when I first moved to DC post-college nearly six years ago! It took me 2-3 years to fall into a pattern that looked anything like this, and I’m happy to say that my mornings are, well, happy and productive. I’ll do a separate post in a couple weeks about how I started embracing mornings because while I definitely prefer mornings to nights, I still don’t wake up ready to bolt out of bed at the sound of my first alarm. More to come, but here’s what my weekday morning routine looks like…

My Weekday Morning Routine


The alarm goes off somewhere in this window, depending on when I went to bed. In general, I like to get as close to eight hours of sleep as possible and am definitely one of those people who feels it all day if I’m closer to the 7 hour mark. Sometimes I’ll hit snooze but usually try and at least keep my eyes open, even though that means picking up my phone and checking texts + email + social media and reading a couple blogs. I know that’s not ideal, but I prefer it to shooting straight out of bed. Millie usually barks right after our alarm goes off, so one of us quickly hops out of bed to let her out of her crate, which is in our living room (a mere ten steps away from the bed, haha). I’ll admit to often climbing back into bed for a little more phone time after letting Millie out of her crate, but I always brush my teeth + wash my face as soon as I’m up for good. J typically lingers in bed a little longer while I’m in the bathroom and starting to prep lunch.

(Keep in mind that the rest of this “schedule” varies slightly depending on when I go to sleep and therefore get out of bed! If I go to bed closer to 11, I’ll still make sure the alarm is set for 6:20 at the latest. Luckily J is flexible with all of this–including the number of hours he sleeps–so I get to dictate what time the alarm goes off.)


Somewhere in this window, depending on when the alarm goes off + I get out of bed, I’ll prep breakfast (to go) and lunch for both of us while J takes Millie out for a quick pee. We pack our lunch nearly every day and I always prepare it (along with lots of snacks because I easily get tempted at the idea of going out for an afternoon pick-me-up, and J has been known to literally get a second lunch if he’s still hungry) since he’s the one taking her out. One of us will put Millie’s breakfast out when they’re back from her “quick walk.”

I also make the bed every single morning–it’s a must for me! I’ll do that right after prepping breakfast.


Turn on the Today show and settle in on the couch for 45 minutes to an hour of blog and/or freelance work and emails. J showers and catches up on his emails, so this window has the potential to be incredibly productive. While I’ll talk about it more in that later post, can safely say that having this hour is what initially made me embrace mornings. I’m actually finishing up this blog post during this time right now!

7:45 or 8ish

I’ll get ready for work really quickly, sometimes partially right after packing lunches and throughout my “working hour,” and otherwise in 8-10 minutes after I finish things up. Luckily my office is casual, meaning hair and makeup are at a minimal on a typical day! J and I both like to take Millie for a 15-25 minute walk (depending on the day and weather)–sometimes I sit this out if I’m behind on work and need to finish things up before heading to my 9-5. It’s a nice way to spend a few minutes together before going our separate ways, and Millie always seems to have an extra pep in her step when we’re both there.

8:15 or 8:20

We both leave for work–I have a 35-40 minute walk with my “new” job (I started in October)–and since I don’t mind the cold, will walk most of the time vs. take the bus.


This is a pretty standard morning for us–I’ll sometimes go to a 7am pilates class on Tuesday’s which eliminates the Today show and work, and means J handles Millie’s walk on his own. We’re also morning people on the weekends, which is partly by choice but a requirement when you have a dog :) We’re usually up and at ’em by 7:30 at the latest and while it’s difficult when we have a late night prior, I’m convinced that there’s nothing better than getting a head start on your day!


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My Weekday Morning Routine

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