The Best Things I Bought in 2018

Best things I bought in 2018

Hope everyone had a nice first few days back to reality (or are still enjoying vacation, if you’re so lucky)–all I can say is I’m glad it was a short week! I worked out on Wednesday–you can follow along on my Insta Stories, if you’re curious–and got dinner with a friend last night. Our weekend plans are perfect and minimal…a couple workouts, a friend’s birthday, and binging on Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show.

I wanted to share a roundup of the best things I bought in 2018. They’re items I know I’ll continue to use regularly and would buy again in an instant! Given that we live in a really small space and I hate clutter, I’ve become increasingly critical of what I’ll buy and make space for and these very much make the cut. They’re mostly on the inexpensive side, too!

Remington Fabric Shaver

This may be the best $8 I spent all year! The fabric shaver is tiny, inexpensive, and has revived many of my most worn knits. It’s incredibly easy to use and gets rid of any and all pilling, which is key for sweaters this time of year. There’s nothing more disappointing than a worn out sweater–especially an expensive one–and this should bring them all back to life!

Dudley Stephens fleeces

Dudley Stephens fleeces were probably the best items of clothing I bought in 2018! I talked about them in my fall essentials post, too. They’re pricey but worth every penny due to the quality, versatility (so easily dressed up and down), and fit. I usually wear a simple tee underneath (short or long sleeve, depending on the weather) and have a medium in both the Park Slope and the Cobble Hill. Both will be re-stocked in February–be sure to sign up for their newsletter if you’re interested because they’re growing increasingly popular!

Yoga towel

I’ve been using my yoga mat for all pilates + HIIT classes at my studio and didn’t feel like I was doing a great job cleaning the mat after each class and didn’t like rolling it up with any moisture from the cleaning solution (and honestly, sometimes it’s nice to just be able to run out the door!) I got a yoga towel and it’s made a world of difference…I feel like my mat is so much cleaner and it’s easy to throw in the wash every couple of uses. It gets a little scrunched up during HIIT workouts but it’s nothing unmanageable!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

My aesthetician recommended this moisturizer for day + night and I’ve been really impressed with it so far! I was loyal to this one for years but left her in charge of my skincare routine so am trusting anything she recommends. The upside is that the First Aid cream is so inexpensive–I bought the smallest size and use about a third of a pea-sized drop at at time. I’ve had it for a couple months and you can’t even tell it’s been used.

Kindle Paperwhite

I traded in my six year old non-Paperwhite Kindle on Prime Day and love the Paperwhite because of the backlight! It doesn’t feel like a computer screen and is especially helpful when they dim the lights on a plane or when you don’t want to leave a bedside lamp on at night. I was surprised how much I got for my old one so look into the trade-in program if you’re considering an upgrade!

Acupressure mat

I’ve mentioned this acupressure mat in the context of my best Amazon purchases but as someone who has a fair share of back issues, end up using it in place of going to acupressure professionally (though I may go one day!). It’s best to do it daily and while I fell out of the consistent habit for awhile, am back into it and enjoy having it be part of my evening routine. I’ll usually do it on the couch while watching TV and working on my laptop! It’s also less severe on your back that way, as I found that it pokes into my spine too much when I lay on the floor.

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  1. I always love these posts! I got a Dudley Stephens turtleneck for Christmas and I’m already obsessed, particularly because that they all have Brooklyn-inspired names! (They need to make a Prospect Heights one, haha.) And I also got a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s one of my favorite 2018 buys too! I had been reading on my phone so it’s a MAJOR upgrade. I’m definitely going to check out that moisturizer when I’m out of my current one, too.

    Posted 1.4.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes!! You clearly have to stock up :) I can’t even imagine reading on my phone so yay for that upgrade!!

      Posted 1.9.19 Reply
  2. katie wrote:

    So glad you hopped on the Kindle Paperwhite bandwagon, it seriously is the best!

    xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I may as well have written “there are times when Katie and I travel and I have to leave the light on to read and she just uses her back-lit Kindle.”

      Posted 1.9.19 Reply