Do You Buy Yourself Gifts?

Do you buy yourself presents?

A bit of a random, particularly materialistic post today…do you buy yourself gifts? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, as to me, there’s a difference between going shopping to fill random gaps in my wardrobe or picking up the odd shirt or sweater, vs. really treating myself to something that feels (or is!) indulgent for some kind of milestone. While I’ll definitely splurge on things outside of occasions, associating the purchase with a memory has always felt particularly special in the same way getting gifts for a birthday, Christmas, etc. feels…except to another level because in this case, it’s an opportunity to spoil yourself and reward your hard work.

I think the first time I really thought of buying myself a “gift” was back during the summer of 2016 when I splurged on the David Yurman bracelet I’d been coveting for years. It was almost my birthday, I felt like I had enough disposable income saved to get myself a gift. This was a huge purchase for me–$400 is significant, even now–and I’m happy to report I’ve worn it almost every day since. More recently, I treated myself to nice hairdryer when I got my new job this fall, and am planning to make a special purchase while in London…one that isn’t for a specific occasion, but has been on a wishlist for a very long time and functions like a milestone (more to come soon!).

Again, none of this is me claiming that I don’t “treat” myself to nice things at random times throughout the year–I admit to buying two Dudley Stephens fleeces this month, as well as these earrings…I didn’t need any of them, but I wear DS fleeces several times a week and have been stalking the earrings nearly weekly since November, and this was the last pair. I’d personally rather make purchases like this rather than impulse buys–you may have noticed fewer shopping posts on here, and that’s because my retail browsing has reduced to pretty much nothing and I’ve been committed to owning less! And there is something really nice and satisfying about treating myself to something, vs. waiting for someone else to buy it for me. It’s empowering and like I mentioned before, feels nice to treat yourself even if it’s hard to swallow spending that much money on yourself for what can sometimes feel like “no reason.”

So I’m curious–do you buy yourself gifts for milestones or occasions and if so, what have you treated yourself to?

P.S. Along similar lines, do you shop for souvenirs?

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  1. Erica wrote:

    I have so many thoughts about this post! I started buying myself gifts for milestone birthdays. For 30 and 35, I bought myself jewelry (diamond stud earrings and a trio of David Yurman bracelets). For 40, I bought myself the Chloe Marcie mini handbag. While I love it, I wish I had stuck to jewelry! Keep in mind almost all of these purchases were before I had kids and decided to stay at home.

    On another note, I do not collect souvenirs, but I want to start with ornaments. Now that we have kids and a tree every year, it would be fun to have ornaments that reflect our various travels. We were in Vail last fall and I thought of your post about collecting them!

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I love that you did this! I feel like if you’d stuck with jewelry, you’d wish you incorporated a handbag so going for it for one milestone was definitely worth it :) Completely support the ornament collecting, and it would be so fun to pick them out with the kiddos…surprisingly, the only time it’s been hard to find one was on our recent trip to London! All the souvenir shops looked at us like we were crazy since it’s “not the holiday season” haha, so we actually got a keychain and plan to DIY it into an ornament :)

      Posted 3.10.19 Reply