Friday Things

This is from Erin Gates’ recent reno, shared below–I am obsessed!

TGIF! I’m happy to say we’re not traveling this long weekend and are instead taking it pretty easy and enjoying the extra day off in the most low key way possible. (We were heading to Amsterdam a year ago!) I have a couple of workouts in the mornings + lots of friend time in the evenings, and hopefully not much leaving the house in-between. We had a nice, quiet Valentine’s Day at home with takeout sushi…it’s not my favorite holiday because of the commercialism and since it bums so many people out, but I’ll take any excuse to splurge on good takeout ? Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a great one!


I’ve been careful about my purchases this year, but splurged on three things in the past couple of weeks: these earrings that I’d been thinking about consistently since they were first released in the late fall (currently sold out, but I snagged the last pair at 25% off), these sneakers (my last pair of “athleisure” sneakers were completely worn out and I have flat feet that ache easily, so wanted something with more support for my long walks to work + with Millie–they’re slightly marked down, if you’re in the market!), and a pair of black pointed-toe Rothy’s–I loved the machine washable aspect and how known they are for their comfort.


+ I always love Jackie’s snowy NYC photoshoots.

+ A Q&A with the Crazy Rich Asians costume designer.

+ Jack Rogers got a rebrand–all the details and a thorough history of the company.

+ How to build the perfect inspiration board–I can’t wait to have more wall space to make something like this happen one day!

+ DC friends, this one’s for you: Sarah’s guide to the Georgetown Flea Market (and she’s an expert!)

+ Vintage photos of dogs in NYC with accompanying interviews from “dog experts”–a wonderful feel-good read that will definitely make you smile.

+ This graze board is technically for Valentine’s Day, but I’d eat it any night of the week!

+ I am IN LOVE with this Boston design job by Erin Gates. She is unbelievably talented and none of her designs disappoint, but this is probably my most favorite.


+ My thoughts on shopping + owning things.

+ Plus, these are basically the 18 most worn things in my closet.

+ An overdue life lately.

+ An easy app: Blackberry Goat Cheese Dip.

+ The newest addition to my Instagram profile (a must for bloggers, and essential if you read my blog + like to shop my recommendations!)

+ Finally sharing my weekday morning routine!

+ Resources I use to travel on a budget.

+ Recent home updates, including an update on our living room!

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  1. Jackie wrote:

    Thanks for including me Monica! I’m also beyond in love with Erin Gates’ newest project – a total dream. That architecture! Hope you have a great weekend! xox

    Posted 2.15.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Of course!!! I can’t wait to accompany you on one of your walking “tours” with my camera one day :)

      Posted 2.15.19 Reply
  2. Sarah Lyon wrote:

    Aw, thanks so much for sharing my guide! We’ll have to go to the Flea together sometime…not quite as exciting as Brimfield, but it’ll do ;)

    Posted 2.15.19 Reply