The Top Players in My Closet This Time of Year

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I meant to get this post up yesterday but it took longer than anticipated to round out! As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been increasingly careful about what I buy and keep and wanted to share the “top players” in my closet right now. Some of them are relatively new additions and many are items I’ve had for years! I’m sure many of you already have lots of similar pieces and also value how easy it is to mix and match most things…I wouldn’t call it my “capsule wardrobe” because I like my well-edited closet without that limitation, but I think I could comfortably choose from this batch–for at least a week or two!–if I had to given how neutral and versatile most things are. This is also pretty specific to the season…obviously as temperatures go up, some of these items will get a break until the fall!

ONE // L.L. BEAN SWEATER FLEECE: Literally the best. I have two and am just I’m going to leave this post here!

TWO // J.CREW ROLLNECK SWEATER: A relatively recent addition to my closet–I snagged this sweater in cream from J.Crew over Black Friday after poring through the overwhelmingly positive reviews (which are sadly now an important factor for whether I’ll snag something from the Crew). The fit is great and I love the simple rolled neck! I’m usually between a small and medium in sweaters and took the small in this one.

THREE // BLACK CASHMERE CREWNECK SWEATER: I have two black cashmere crewneck sweaters and never tire of their versatility! I used to tuck them into skirts when I dressed up more for work and regularly wear them with jeans. Everlane makes great cashmere this one is a great value at $100.

FOUR // DUDLEY STEPHENS TURTLENECK: There’s a good reason this turtleneck was one of my best purchases in 2018! I own two and will realistically add one or two more to my closet this year. They’re an investment but really one of the best, in my opinion! I wear them weekly.

FIVE // EMERSON FRY MOD TOP: Meg consistently raves about the Emerson Fry Mod style and I snagged one this one in the fall! They’re a bestseller so if your size is sold out, sign up to be notified of a restock or keep an eye out for the same cut in a different fabric.

SIX // L.L. BEAN FLANNEL: If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’re probably familiar with my love for L.L. Bean flannel! I’m partial to the slightly fitted style and own it in multiple colors (some in a small, some in a medium–I’d recommend the small with jeans but the medium with leggings). So easy when you need to be cozy but pulled together!

SEVEN// L.L. BEAN FISHERMAN SWEATER: Another classic from L.L. Bean! I regularly layer it with a flannel or a simple cotton crewneck and am continually impressed at how warm it is. Definitely size up–it runs small!

EIGHT // MARMOT DOWN COAT: This is my main “winter coat” – it’s warm, won’t break the bank (as far as down coats go), and I love the longer length. Backcountry also has incredible customer service so I’d recommend making big purchases like this from there whenenver possible…shipping is super fast and their return/exchange policy and anyone I’ve spoken to there has been incredible!

NINE // BARBOUR WAXED COTTON JACKET: The ideal jacket for slightly warmer days! Barbours are expensive but in my opinion, worth it due to their quality (they’re literally built for sporting) and they’ll never go out of style. I also really appreciate the number of pockets–it’s easy to go purse or bag-free. Plus, you can easily size up to layer!

TEN // J.CREW CAMEL COAT: I got my J.Crew Camel Coat over two years ago and while the style has changed slightly since then, it’s undoubtably a classic! I knew I’d like owning a camel coat but didn’t realize just how much I’d wear it…it’s just as neutral as black, which is what I typically gravitate towards when investing in statement basics like a coat, shoes, bag, etc.

ELEVEN // BLACK LEGGINGS: Kind of an obvious one and I’m in the market for another pair, since I have one pair of cotton ones and one “athletic” pair that I wear outside of workouts.

TWELVE // BLACK PONTE PANTS: I’m clinging onto a pair of J.Crew ponte pants from two or three years ago, but Factory has a similar pair now. I have a pair in black and a pair in navy and wore them about 3x/week when I worked in a business casual office. They’re now my go-tos when jeans are too casual and I don’t want to wear a dress/skirt + tights, and I make sure to wash them on gentle and not put them in the dryer since that wears this style out extra quickly. (Everlane also does work pants really well…I have this pair and it’s a little looser, if you don’t want something so tight–and this pair is a cool take on a classic style.)

THIRTEEN // MEDIUM WASH DENIM: My new(ish) job dress code is casual, and my two pairs of 5+ year old jeans desperately needed an upgrade. I now have five pairs…my 5+ year old pair of Rag & Bones; two pairs of Frame’s Le Skinny Jeanne–one very dark wash and one light; and most recently, this pair of Hudsons and this pair by Mott & Bow. I love the Hudsons and about to try the Mott & Bows for the first time, so will report back on the latter. My one personal rule with jeans is that they’re a skinny fit with no rips or frays! Maybe one day I’ll get more adventurous :)

FOURTEEN // BLACK KNEE-HIGH BOOTS: I’ve raved about my Aquatalia boots before but regardless of what pair I landed on, they’d be a closet staple! They’re easy to dress up or down and I really like the minimal (but still existent) heel for city living.

FIFTEEN // BLACK POINTED-TOE FLATS: The pair of black flats I’ve worn constantly for over two years is no longer available, and I finally gave in and bought a pair of Rothy’s after hearing overwhelmingly good things. They arrived yesterday so I haven’t worn them yet, but I love that they’re very simple + machine washable as my feet tend to sweat (gross, but true). Regardless of your black flat of choice, a good pair goes a long way and gets worn several times a week over here (not to mention is a travel staple). They’re easily the most versatile pair of shoes in my closet!

SIXTEEN // CASUAL SNEAKERS: These were a very recent splurge after my 1.5 year old Nike’s showed their wear a little quicker than I’d have liked. The only upside was it indicated just how much I wore them, and reminded me it was probably best to spend an extra few bucks to get something better for long dog walks + commuting to and from work (it’s about four miles round trip and my feet have been taking a beating). They’re currently 10% off which isn’t much of a discount, but I haven’t seen them on sale often!

SEVENTEEN // BEAN BOOTS: I’ll just leave this post here–that’ll say it all :) My love for Bean Boots knows no bounds!

EIGHTEEN // SUPERGA SNEAKERS: They’re definitely not the most supportive sneakers on the market but they’re cute and comfortable, especially at the modest price point! I’m partial to the white and love that they go with everything and look acceptable even when they’re a bit dirty. They’re a great canvas sneaker if Converse isn’t your thing!

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