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Coming at you a day late this week because I couldn’t get it together in time to go up yesterday! How were your weeks? I was pretty tired and low on energy despite only having plans a couple of nights. As much as I don’t think I’m impacted by the winter blues (given my deep-seeded love for fall and winter and disdain of the heat), it may be time to admit that they probably are impacting me this late in the season, coupled by the recent extreme temperature fluctuation which has been pleasant in the way of headaches and general ickiness. The plan is to spend this weekend getting back on track mentally, so other than a workout class, a fun dinner with friends, and an acupuncture appointment, I’m just planning on some much needed stretching (my body is screaming at me right now), taking Millie for a couple long walks, writing a few blog posts, and reading. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a great one!


+ Everlane has introduced a smaller version of the beloved Market Tote (seen here, here, here and here!) and as expected, it’s gorgeous! I like that the interior capacity still allows for a laptop, change of clothes, etc. (these bags are roomy) but the profile is more slim and square. If you’re in the market for a lightweight leather everyday tote, I can’t recommend them enough! As an aside, I’m IN LOVE with this mini bag! How good would it be for vacations when you need something to go with everything?

+ Katie’s dining room refresh looks amazing–she has the best eye for vintage pieces that need a fresh coat of paint, and I’m constantly inspired by her ability to turn something average into something beautiful!

+ Our side cart and bar stools (seen here and here) are 20% off through Monday at Serena & Lily! Both are definitely a splurge but are items we’re planning to keep indefinitely. We got our bar stools in red as they were being discontinued so they were about 50% off  retail, but having had them for nearly two years and based off our experience, would absolutely budget for them during an S&L sale if we had to buy some again. The side cart is currently functioning as a storage-friendly side table in the living room–see it here–but it’s one of the most versatile pieces we own. Use code INSPO at checkout!

+ Following the recently-concluded season of The Bachelorhow these stars capitalize on Instagram collaborations after the show airs.

+ I’ll be sharing it here soon, but I treated myself to my first designer bag when we were in London and coincidentally, Katie wrote a post about how to save on higher priced items when shopping abroad. This is pretty much exactly the same strategy I followed– while I didn’t save nearly as much numbers wise since my bag wasn’t as expensive, the percentage off compared to what I’d have spent on it in the US was significant!

+ An interesting conversation (don’t miss the comments) on whether you should talk to your coworkers about your salaries. I see both sides of this–I’ve had some really fruitful and helpful conversations in the past and am always a little surprised at how taboo the topic is especially when it comes to discussing with friends or non-coworkers. Several of my friends are very open with each other about what we make and we’ve all found it helpful to know firsthand about what the market looks like (vs. just reading reviews on Glassdoor). It’s also very empowering when it comes to negotiating, and many of us have shared our experiences and specific language that has helped get us where we wanted to be. The situation is obviously a little different when it comes to coworkers but in a similar vein, I see the benefit in knowing when you’re underpaid and having the ability to stand up for yourself to get what you deserve…like the post implies, it’s just not always easy to get to that level of comfort with even a close colleague. I’m curious to hear how this topic evolves in the coming years!


+ Recapping our stay at the most wonderful boutique hotel in Edinburgh.

+ Why this relatively new company is taking over my closet!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my Bachelor story!! Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend.

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