6 Recent Amazon Favorites

It’s been a minute since my last Amazon post, and given how well that performed (apparently you guys are also excited by Lobe Wonders, and thanks to Grace sharing it in one of her weekly roundups!), I wanted to share my recent Amazon favorites. A couple are frivolous but all are practical…hopefully you discover something new and useful!

It’s kind of embarrassing how long we’d both had our pillows…mine was from freshman year of college! I also recently heard a segment on the Today Show talking about how you’re technically supposed to replace your pillows yearly. While that’s more than I’d ever plan to do, we definitely needed an update. There’s a reason this pillow is rated so highly on Amazon–it’s also the top pick on Wirecutter, a site that we swear by when making many purchases. I love that you can adjust the amount of fluff to tailor it to your personal taste! It felt pricey for a pillow but considering you sleep on it every night, the “cost per wear” is certainly low!

You’ve heard me mention Wet Brushes again but I recently got this pack of three minis and they are wonderful. The price is great and they work really well…I leave one in my toiletry bag for travel, one in my everyday tote, and one in my nightstand drawer (because I don’t know what else to do with it right now! Will probably take it to work or keep it on hand if I lose one of the others.) And contrary to the name, they work just as well on dry hair. I don’t like using my Mason Pearson post-shower so this is a perfect secondary brush!

We’re pretty good about not buying too much for Millie and mainly sticking to what she actually needs. We thought we were covered in the blanket department since she has one of our old fuzzy throws (which currently lines the bottom of the crate) and a playmat/stiffer blanket that’s double-sided, but we realized she could do with her own little throw for the couch + crate. This one was highly reviewed and inexpensive, and she loves it! The only downside is it’s pretty small…we got the medium size after reading the reviews and I kind of wish we’d gotten the large (she’s lanky but only ~10 pounds!).

This is another “extra” purchase but it’s small and it’s useful! We don’t ever plan to have a paper shredder at home so this stamp is really good for blocking out confidential information. I used to rip things up really small or take them to work to shred, but this takes away the need for either of those things–and it’s only $11!

This is one of those items you never knew you needed (and probably don’t actually need), but J saw it on Kinja Deals and sent it to me partially as a joke since he figured I’d call it a waste of money. Well…I didn’t, and I kind of love it! It was marked down to $5 but I think it’s worth the $10…I hate counter clutter so having our Google Home (which I’m still on the fence about…I got it in a event gift bag and we use it but I’m not sure I’d buy one myself!) propped on there in the kitchen instead of on our bar counter is really nice.

I know this is the weirdest looking skincare device but stick with me–it’s a high frequency wand that’s designed to help with acne, aging skin, and overall cell turnover. I’m going to go into it in more detail in the coming months, but I’ve been seeing my aesthetician (Kayla at Adrienne Shostak) for nearly a year now and she’s helped my skin issues immensely. One thing she recommended was using one of these wands (which she’ll use during my treatments) every couple of days–in my case, to help keep acne at bay–as it’s a good way to maintain my skin between appointments. It takes a little getting used to but has made a significant difference in helping my acne stay under control. I can do a full post on it if people are interested, but if you’ve considered one before, I’d highly recommend trying it out! There are lots of instructions on how to use them online, and it’s an inexpensive way to give you skin a little extra boost. My exact one is sold out and I’ve noticed them go in and out of stock on Amazon, but just pick one that’s highly reviewed and you should be good.

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  1. Debbie wrote:

    This high frequency wand sounds intriguing. I’ll have to research it. My kids have acne and I could use some anti-aging treatment! Thanks for the recommendations!

    Posted 4.3.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      It could help! I was impressed (and nervous at first, since it literally has a current!)–hope you like it, if you end up giving it a shot!

      Posted 4.3.19 Reply
  2. I love that our dogs have their own blanket! They still manage to get dog hair on mine..but it helps!
    I’m also a big fan of getting rid of counter clutter, so I think the outlet stand is brilliant!

    Posted 4.3.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha yes!! Ours doesn’t shed but I swear she brings in the outdoors every single day…there’s always something to roll in. Ugh!

      Posted 4.3.19 Reply
  3. Caitlin wrote:

    Love all of these! Amazon always has the best finds. That shelf is genius, same with the mini wet-brushes! That’s a must for travel.

    Posted 4.4.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Yes! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen a little shelf like that before (but then again, it belongs on Amazon or at Bed Bath!)

      Posted 4.9.19 Reply
  4. katie wrote:

    Wet brushes FTW! I tell everyone about them!

    xx katie // a touch of teal

    Posted 4.12.19 Reply