Friday Things

It’s been a minute since the last Friday Things post and I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about the fact that we’re already over a quarter done with the year! The feeling is definitely exacerbated by it being a busy time at work and since we recently booked a few trips between now and August, which makes it very easy to think ahead. No complaints here…just in awe that time continues to fly!

I’ve been keeping my weeknight to a minimum and have kind of been enjoying the slower evenings…we’re taking Millie on longer walks now that it’s warming up and it’s been nice feeling settled in my newer workout routine. A goal of mine has also been how to restructure the time I spend working on my blog + freelance work–it’s currently just a hodgepodge of time spread over the week, but I feel like I could be more intentional about batching the hours so I’m not constantly feeling “on” and trying to squeeze in work at random times. I tend to get myself in “work” mode at the expense of spending quality time with J and Millie, particularly when lounging with the TV on in the background. There’s definitely room for improvement!

This weekend is going to be pretty low key with a few errands, a haircut, date night, a breakfast date, and a workout! We’re also reconfiguring some storage solutions around the apartment so things have been pretty disorganized over the past couple of weeks. I’m unsurprisingly really bothered by the clutter so am hoping to get the situation under control there, too. Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a great weekend and happy Easter to those who celebrate!


+ Bad on Paper is one of my all time favorite podcasts and this is a great read into how Grace and Becca got started with their pod! (Here’s why I love it, and my other most fav!)

+ J.Crew has been having a bunch of ridiculous sales and I ordered this shirt in black and these shorts earlier this week–the shirt isn’t filling any gaps in my wardrobe but I really liked the neckline, and I have exactly three pairs of shorts and now work in a casual office so am hoping to add a couple more pairs to my closet!

+ I’m sure many of you are also biased towards retailers who offer free returns–here’s why that benefit is becoming less prevalent (it makes sense but I’m a little bummed).

+ We made these meatballs over the weekend and they were incredible! Some commenters suggested adding chopped mushrooms so we did that and they turned out perfectly. You’d never be able to tell they’re Whole30 compliant and I appreciate that they don’t contain a bunch of obscure ingredients…there’s nothing worse than having to buy a bunch of one-off that end up just sitting in your fridge or pantry!

+ I loved Jackie’s post on design trends and how to incorporate them into your space without going overboard. She has a great eye and I always trust her advice!

+ If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I have awful allergies and am getting absolutely destroyed right now! I’ve considered trying more natural remedies since I took way too my Claritin-D in my teenage years and the milder meds I take now just aren’t really cutting it. Julia’s post couldn’t have come at a better time!


+ Nine more Trader Joe’s favorites for this spring.

+ Finally sharing my updated fitness routine!

+ 6 recent Amazon buys I’ve loved.

+ How to spend three days in London (particularly if you love food!)

+ 48 hours in a city we instantly fell in love with.

+ A watermelon gin cocktail (with the best seltzer!) to take you through the summer.

+ New outfit post: Simple wedge sandals and one of my best investment tops!

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