A Quick Chat With…Grace Atwood & Becca Freeman from Bad on Paper

Like many of you, podcasts are part of my weekday morning routine (I listen to them on my walk or bus ride to work) and I read a selection of my favorite blogs every morning (Bloglovin’ is my favorite way to aggregate my daily reads!). Today’s A Quick Chat With… is a fun one because it combines both of those worlds! If you remember this post from last summer, Bad on Paper is one of my favorite pods I’m so excited to have Grace and Becca here to chat about BOP and their upcoming live shows, wanderlust, their favorite NYC spots, and more! They’re both currently self-employed–Grace with her blog and Becca as a marketing consultant–and have really cool professional backgrounds…they met working at BaubleBar in the company’s earliest days, Becca helped launch Lola, and Grace has worked at some of the biggest names in beauty. I’ve also been reading Grace’s blog–The Stripefor several years and asked her a few questions about how her content has evolved, decor (her apartment is beyond impressive), and of course, skincare (she REALLY knows her stuff!). This is a good one, friends!

A quick note: If you live in Chicago, DC, Boston, or Nashville, Grace and Becca are coming to you! The Chicago show is tonight and unfortunately I’m out of town during DC’s, but there are still some tickets available for all of them! It would make the ultimate girls night…they had a sold out show in NYC this spring and I heard from several people that it was incredible!

Why did you start the podcast?

The podcast was initially my (Grace’s) idea. I knew podcasts were the next big thing but definitely didn’t want to do it by myself. It started as a book club (we still do one book a month but have become more general women’s lifestyle focused) because we both love to read (and one of the things we’ve always bonded over is our mutual love of YA books about unsupervised teens in dystopian societies). We just thought it would be fun (and selfishly, a way to get more people to visit my blog).

What do you think makes the two of you such compatible podcast co-hosts?

Because we’re actually very close friends in real life! That’s actually pretty rare.

What’s been the coolest part of starting Bad on Paper?

The community! Our Facebook group is constantly bumping and it’s really exciting to see this amazing group of women who love the same things we love (books, gravity blankets, skincare, wine), etc. Our audience refers to us as their “fake friends,” and we love that!

What are you most excited about in regards to your live show tour?

Getting to meet more of our listeners! We know people are listening, but it’s really cool to actually meet them in person. [Editor’s note: Grace’s post on how they got their start + a recap of their NYC show!]

What podcasts do you listen to regularly?

Grace: The Daily, Pod Save America, Girls Gotta Eat, Second Life, U Up?, Call Your Girlfriend

Becca: Who weekly, Call your Girlfriend, Hysteria, A Few Things with Claire and Erica

What cities do you hope to hit next?

Oh there are so many! Atlanta, Philly, and of course the West Coast! But let’s just get through the first five – we are new at this and learning as we go!

Organizational tool you can’t live without?

Grace: Google Docs and Dropbox

Becca: Google Calendar and large lined Post-it notes for lists

Last place you traveled?

Grace: Isla Holbox in Mexico with Becca and our friend Kate.

Becca: Same! Also was just in Austin for a wedding.

If you could majorly splurge on a vacation, where would you go?

Grace: Bali – since we’re saying a splurge, I would go all out and do a one month yoga teacher training – something I’ve thought about doing at some point!

Becca: Southeast Asia. I was supposed to go on a big trip last summer and had to cancel at the last minute, so I really want to do a big trip at some point to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bali.

Go-to weekday lunch?

Grace: Sweetgreen Guacamole Greens

Becca: Dig Inn market bowl with brown rice, salmon, and broccoli

Favorite restaurant in NYC?

Grace: Polo Bar

Becca: Vic’s – the cacio e pepe is the best I’ve ever had

Go-to cocktail?

Grace: Tequila Soda (it used to be red wine but this year my wine hangovers became unbearable!)

Becca: Red wine

// Questions with Grace //

How would you describe The Stripe to a new reader?

I like to call it a “lifestyle blog for the stylish bookworm.” I consider it a destination site for ALL women where I share my recommendations across fashion, beauty, books, travel, and more!

I’ve been reading your blog for around seven years and have been so impressed with how your content has evolved and grown with the times! Can you share a bit about how that evolution has felt on your end?

Oh my gosh that is so cool that you’ve been reading for so long! It’s constantly changing. In the beginning it was so organic – bad photos, bloggers sharing things they truly loved, etc. As blogs turned into businesses, it all got so glossy and shiny (sponsored posts, professional photography, etc). But now I think it’s swinging back in the other direction – people want to see the real, unfiltered stuff!

I’d be remiss not to ask you a beauty-related question…your knowledge of skincare is impressive! What three types of products would you recommend someone research + invest in if they’re looking to improve their daily routine?

Thank you so much! We just had Linda Wells on the podcast and she made a really good point: invest in the products that are going to sit on your skin for a while. So it’s okay to maybe skimp on cleansers… but your serums are where you want to invest.

In terms of my top 3?

  • Toner! I never knew how important it is but it’s really important. It gets skin fully cleansed and prepped and ready for whatever serums you apply.
  • Dr. Bader – I swear by this moisturizer – it’s my holy grail. Read my review here!
  • For aging, vitamin C and retinol (okay those are two products, don’t kill me!) I talk about how I use those in this post.

You balance sponsored and non-sponsored content better than most—what’s your strategy there?

Thank you – I really try! I make sure to post every day, sponsored or not. I have a rule that sponsored posts cannot “touch,” on my blog or instagram… and I have a rule that sponsored content cannot be more than 20% of my total content.

Has moving to Brooklyn changed the content you produce and share?

I have a lot more space so I can finally entertain! I also did a lot of home content as I redecorated.

Your apartment is so beautifully decorated! What are some of your favorite place to shop for the home?

Thank you! I would say West Elm and Room & Board for staple pieces; Chairish for vintage finds and unique decor, and Design Within Reach and First Dibs for more splurgy items. Anthropologie also has some good stuff. I love Spacey Studios for affordable art. Oh and of course Society Social – the best barcarts.

You’ve mentioned having no plans to move to the ‘burbs or leave the NYC-area! What keeps you a city girl?

I mean no disrespect to any suburb-dwelling readers but I would be so bored in the suburbs! I love being out and about, and taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. The food! The art! The events and people watching. Also, I can’t drive.

Three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Ambitious, creative, weird.

One piece of advice?

Be so good they can’t ignore you. That’s a Steve Martin quote!

All photos via The Stripe

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  1. Brigid wrote:

    Love this! I’m excited to see Grace and Becca in person next week! BOP is one podcast I never miss :) xo

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    • Monica wrote:

      So glad they were game to do a Q&A! V. jealous you’re going next week!!

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  2. Erica wrote:

    Ahh, such a fun interview! BOP is a favorite of mine as well. Here’s hoping they come to Denver at some point in the future!

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    • Monica wrote:

      Aren’t they great?! I hope so, too!!

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