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There are a few recent things I’ve bought recently (or have my eye on) that deserve shoutouts of their own, so today’s post is a random roundup of those favorites + a couple things I’ve really had my eye on as of late! We’ve lived in our place for over two years at this point and have recently gotten a second wind in terms of making some decorative changes. In addition to the couple noted below, this hamper is on its way (pricey but it’s in full-view given our layout, so aesthetics and function were important to me!) and I’m excited to keep rearranging some decorative items to make things feel even more cohesive. I’m really bad at sharing photos because setting up an in interiors shoot can be tricky, but am hoping to do so soon–at least on Instagram!

Lake Pajamas

It’s a little crazy how long I’ve been eyeing Lake Pajamas and haven’t let myself buy a pair…a great exercise in self-control that may be at the tail end! I’ve reverted back to my childhood days of not wanting to sleep in something that’s not 100% cotton and while pricey, I’ve never heard a negative review and people who own them constantly rave about how worth it they are. It’s happening this summer…my collection of torn t-shirts need to retire! I’m torn between this set and this set but am leaning towards the former because they’d be better for lounging on vacation, with family, etc.

Tissue box covers

This is so random but I have decorative box covers on the mind and am determined to get matching ones for our nightstands. I really want something neutral that goes with our existing decor and love this one but it’s been out of stock for weeks. So I’m leaning towards this or this (but $20 seems like a lot if we have to buy two?)…and this one is pretty but doesn’t cover the box much. Any recommendations?

Pottery Barn Faux Olive Tree

We have this weird double door situation that connects the living room with our bedroom and we never open the second of the two doors. Unfortunately it’s unsightly from the living room side and until recently, we had this shelf in front of it for about a year. We moved the shelf into the bedroom and knew we had to create height to fill the gap in some way, which led me to a faux tree…I’ve been wanting one for awhile but never really figured out the right place to put it! Victoria’s faux olive tree looks so nice in her space so we decided to order one as well. While I like fig trees a lot, I wanted something that you don’t see as often and the olive tree felt like a better fit for our decor, which is a combination of traditional and classic + simple and modern. We’re planning to have it sit in a basket (we have one from TJMaxx, but Pottern Barn makes several!) and are exploring ways to add a little height without having it look awkward since the goal is to cover up part of that door. Stay tuned!

Current Favorites

Gal Meets Glam Courtney Dress

This is the first long casual dress I’ve owned, minus one I had to buy ahead our our trip to Thailand a few years ago (and I’ve actually never worn it since…)! The print and cut are beautiful and I love how easily it can be dressed up or down. It’s perfect for my casual office, 100% cotton so completely breathable, works on the days when I skip shaving my legs all the way (arguably one of the worst parts of summer), and of course, it being machine washable sealed the deal. I don’t often shop at full price but made an exception for this dress, and it was worth it! It comes and goes out of stock but keep and eye on Nordstrom and the GMG website! I have a size 4 and think it fits true to size, but some have recommended sizing down.

Everlane slides

I ordered these sandals a few weeks ago and am happy to report they’ve been in heavy rotation since! I’ve typically steered clear of black flat sandals in favor of brown hues, but found this to be a gap in my wardrobe and unsurprisingly, Everlane delivered. They’re similar to many styles on the market but the quality is excellent–they’re obviously not the most supportive given the structure but as far as slides go, find them to have a reasonable sole. The top is so soft and they took me no time to break in! See them in action in this post!

CB2 Acacia Helix desk

The desk saga in our house has been going on since we moved in over two years ago, when I was iffy on J’s existing desk due to the style (it was really industrial and had an uneven top, which wasn’t my favorite) as well as the size being too overpowering for our living room. We kept it for awhile, went desk-less for awhile, and then determined that having one would be hugely valuable for me due to my blog + freelance work that was getting done from the couch. Finding something with a low profile was essential since that entire wall of our place is already lined with furniture, and we also wanted some kind of storage component that wouldn’t be visually bulky. Those requirements plus my insanely picky self made it hard to find something we both liked (this was a contender but no storage and holy pricey!) and this desk ended up being the best option. I was a little hesitant based on how modern it is but it’s ended up fitting in seamlessly!

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  1. Ashlee wrote:

    I have a pair of Lake PJs and they are SO soft! I received them as a gift, but now I’m spoiled! Perfect for summertime! And they are SO you!

    – Ashlee

    Posted 6.26.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      They seem like the perfect gift!! Esp good in the Houston heat, I’m sure!

      Posted 6.26.19 Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    I’ve been stalking that Gal Meets Glam dress for the past year too! I’m so glad to hear you’re loving it. I’ve gone back and forth what feels like a million times because it is more expensive than I’d normally spend on a dress.

    You will love Lake Pajamas. Some of my pants have shrunk so you can’t go wrong with a shorts set!

    Posted 6.26.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I think it’s so worth it! Agreed it’s more than I’d typically spend for something so specific (vs. a true solid neutral, or a brand I’ve initially invested in at a lower [sale] price and already “vetted,” haha) but I’m happy I did it. Good tip re: the pajamas…shorts it is!

      Posted 6.26.19 Reply