What I Kept from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

Public access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened yesterday and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed! Not much seems to be restocked and many of my favorites are completely sold out in most of if not all sizes. As of when I’m writing this, the items from this post that are still available in at least one size are these ponte leggings, the hairdryer, the rain boots, the candle set, these riding boots, the best cardigan, and the raincoat. That being said, stock comes and goes because people end up making so many returns–I was at the mall today and there were literally piles of returned merchandise all over the store.

P.S. J’s guest post with his men’s picks is coming tomorrow morning!


The only thing I ended up keep from my original order is the lace cami in black (they canceled my order with cream despite ordering within 10 minutes of the sale going live) in a medium. See below for the other things I picked up a few days later!


Something Navy Flecked Crewneck Sweater: As expected, this sweater was unfortunately really poor quality. Back it went!

Barbour ‘Oakland’ Quilted Jacket: I’m returning the Barbour because it ended up being pretty similar to one I currently have but it’s a great lightweight fall jacket option that’ll be great for layering, too. This is one item I definitely see going in and out of stock since people do what I did, which is order two sizes to try!

High Waist Ponte Leggings: I liked the ponte leggings but have been wanting to invest in the Lululemon Align pair and think saving my money for those is the move. The ponte was also a little long and I’d have tried the petite but they’re sold out! I did notice that my favorite cotton leggings are randomly 45% off (not part of the Anniversary Sale but an even better deal), so I snagged a pair of those in an XS.

Aquatalia ‘Neda’ Tall Waterproof Boots: I also ended up ordering these riding boots to try because my current Aquatalia pair (seen here) are a half size too big and I’ve been considering dressier brown riding boots. They’re stunning in person but the leather bunched a tiny bit around my ankles so they’re going back. I have very knobby ankles so this is a common issue…I’m hoping to find a pair that hugs that area a bit more. They’re pricey but if you’re in the market for riding boots that aren’t over the knee, these are worth the investment given their incredible construction and waterproof nature!


I didn’t order them, but I loved this turtleneck sweater (I can’t justify it because I’m buying Dudley Stephens for now!), this gorgeous funnel neck cashmere, these heeled sandals for any occasion, this Beautyblender set, and what some consider to be the best curling iron.


Bralettes don’t really give me the support I’m looking for but I wanted something more comfortable and seamless to wear around the house. I ordered this (in the full-cup version) and am crossing my fingers it’s as good as it looks!


I spend so much time outside between walking + the bus to and from work, walking Millie, and generally just being on my feet more given that we live in a very walkable part of the city without a car. I’ve never tried Supergoop but many people seem to sing its praises so I’m excited to try this given how easy it is to neglect caring for the skin on your hands! Fingers crossed the small bottles will help keep me accountable in applying regularly!


So many people rave about Nordstrom’s in-house brand of pajamas and now I see why! My bff got me this pair for my birthday and they are so soft! I haven’t worn them to bed yet because it’s scorching but was really impressed with the quality out of the box. Both the long set and shorts set are marked down in the sale! They run large, so size down.


While this sleeve length can sometimes look awkward, I can also be really flattering if the material is right or the rest of the shirt is cut well. For some reason I’ve always hated wearing tanks under lined blazers (TMI, but it weirdly makes me sweat a lot) so this sleeve length is perfect for layering. I was hesitant about it at first but it looked great on Krista so I’m giving it a shot! BOSS generally makes high-quality products so the higher cost should hopefully mean a high quality fabric!


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