Around Here XVI

I knew August was going to fly by quickly (thanks to a lot of travel and a very busy season at work) but wow, has it really! I’ve had a few different blog post drafts nearly finished but haven’t had the mental energy or time to package them up so here we are hoping that I can mentally catch up a bit this weekend! My day job + freelance work have to come first but I hate taking these mini hiatuses so am determined to get back on track soon, but always prioritize quality over quantity so thanks for bearing with me :)

I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of last weekend’s Chicago trip but for now, a quick look at things happening around here and some finds I’ve been loving!

Lake Pajamas

I finally did it–I splurged on a pair of Lake Pajamas during their summer sale and you guys. I am obsessed. I typically sleep in $5 Old Navy boxers and old t-shirts–most of which have holes–and knew that an indulgent pima cotton set would be a game changer. I got this set and 100% see myself fully transitioning to a full-blown Lake collection over time. I run hot and often wake up sweating or overheating in the middle of the night so light cotton is a must and having the breathability of pima cotton is just the cherry on top. These are going to be prominently featured in my gift guides this coming holiday season and I think they’re the perfect kind of luxury that you can literally enjoy every single day!

Dyllan’s Raw Bar Grill

A few weeks ago, Dyllan’s invited some of us over to check out the restaurant and sample some of the menu. It’s located right on the Georgetown C&O path and canal (in the old Sea Catch space, if you’re local!) and I was so impressed with this tucked away gem! The menu is quite large and has some really good vegetarian options, too–both things that can be rare at a seafood spot, but are always a notable highlight when they deliver.

Dyllan’s has a wonderful happy hour menu with tons of food + drink options (I loved the spicy veggie tart and Thai steamed mussels, and want to try the burger next time!) and the ambiance is really cool and modern yet on brand with the nautical-themed menu offerings. If the weather is nice, don’t miss the patio…the canal is being redone but in the meantime, it’s still the perfect non-pedestrian-laden al fresco dining spot!


Another indulgent but completely amazing purchase: a ChappyWrap! We actually got this one a few months ago but I have to note how much use it’s getting even in the middle of summer. Millie has tried to claim it as her own and it’s the one blanket we leave out on our sofa. I know the price point seems a little high for a blanket but this really isn’t your typical throw…ChappyWraps are made in Germany and are crafted with a high-quality natural-cotton blend and high-performance fibers and the softness is unlike any other blanket I’ve owned. They’d be great as a quilt over a bed, too, and of course, as is the case with most of my favorite things: they’re machine washable! Similar to Lake Pajamas, they’d make a wonderful gift.

I joined a gym

This deserves a dedicated blog post once I get into the swing of things but I recently joined a gym! I haven’t worked out in a full gym since moving out of my last apartment two springs ago (and even then, it was tiny and we just had a couple of cardio machines and some weights) and I think this is going to be really good! You can read more about my experience with Orangetheory here, and get my updated fitness routine here after I dropped OTF here. The plan now is to go to the gym + the classes they offer as my primary workout, take a Solidcore class every week to week and a half, and sprinkle some 305 Fitness in there. I’m really going to miss my yoga + pilates studio but am happy to have several opportunities a week to get in some heavier cardio and take advantage of unexpected pockets of time when it’s easy to squeeze in a last minute workout!

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