Everlane V-Neck Sweater: 5 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater

I hate to wish summer away, but it’s kind of my least favorite season and we just got a glimpse of fall after spending a long weekend in Newport, RI. My wardrobe and I are ready for the transition!  I know most of the country–DC included–has at least a couple more months of warmer temperatures so I’m not fully leaning into everything fall just yet. Seasonal transitions are arguably one of the toughest times to get dressed but I love that it means being able to reach for some of my favorite things that have been packed away for the past few months.

5 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

Here are some ways I embrace this time of year closet-wise–living in DC (which has more of a transitional time given that we experience all four seasons) means I end up doing these things year after year. They’re simple enough to do with utilizing what you already have, but also give you an excuse to pick up a couple of things that will take you through the colder months!

1. Starting pulling out your sweaters.

It doesn’t feel intuitive to reach for sweaters in August but unpacking a few lets you take advantage of cooler mornings and nights (or really just being prepared for over-air conditioned restaurants). I mainly reach for the light ones–anything in cotton! Plus, my Dudley’s, of course. This is my first full fall with them and I’m glad I picked up a couple of the lighter styles since they got some wear this summer!

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater
2. Keep your shorts out!

My shorts are usually the last thing I’ll put away when temperatures drop because long sleeves (or three-quarters sleeves) + shorts has been a look I’ve loved for as long as I can remember! Men do it all the time but I feel like it’s less common for women when it’s miserably hot out since we have more shirting options–or dresses. I’ve repeatedly deemed September to be “shorts and long sleeves” season.

3. Stick with natural fibers.

Part of why I love this Everlane sweater–and most everything they make, to be honest–is that it’s made of natural fibers. Sticking with 100% cotton during the seasonal transition is a safe bet, and I love how sweaters like this one can work year-round thanks to the simultaneous heft + breathability. It has a cozy, oversized cut and runs large…I’m wearing a small and could have gone with an extra-small!

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater

4. Consider the color palette.

“Winter whites” seem to be increasingly popular and I’m convinced that the transitions from summer to fall and spring to summer are the ideal time to embrace the cream + white color family. The chance of spilling on yourself shoots up as soon as you wear the shade, but there’s a reason I carry around a Tide to Go pen if I’m wearing anything white!

5. When in doubt, go with denim.

It’s pretty much impossible to argue that denim doesn’t work year-round, so I reach for it the most during the transitional seasons. Once we’re in the thick of fall and winter I’ll wear leggings or black pants a lot, and in the summer white or navy shorts are a favorite! My denim shorts will probably get worn more in the next two months than they did all summer because they pair so well with button downs and light sweaters.

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater


Everlane sweater (c/o; wearing a small–it runs large!)
J.Crew shorts
Peggy Fisher bag (similar here and linked below)
Jack Rogers sandals
Ray-Ban sunnies

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater

Everlane Cotton V-Neck Sweater

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