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TGIF! We’re heading to Newport this morning and I can’t wait to get back to one of my favorite places! This will be my third time to Rhode Island (fourth if you count driving through part of the state a few years prior) and I’m really excited to stay on the water, eat the best seafood, and hit some of my favorite spots from last time + try some new places, too.

This is our second to last weekend out of town before finally being in DC for most of the fall aside from a couple of three day trips. We’ve been pretty much go-go-go all summer which works well for our schedules (it’s so much easier to take consecutive three day weekends when seemingly everyone at the office is also traveling!) and while it’s been amazing having visitors in town and weekends full of plans, I’m excited to resume our “normal” lives and spend some time at home as we enter my favorite season. My eating habits have been suffering, too and I’ve been especially sluggish over the past two weeks. I don’t know how new moms do it because I’ve been in a constant fog and just want to shake it and get back to normal, which really only seems possible with increased exercise and an improved diet. Here’s to taking full advantage of the end of the summer and simultaneously easing back into a routine in the coming weeks!

(Also, I snapped the picture above while we were at Bluemont Vineyard last weekend–we spent Saturday there and at their neighboring brewery, Dirt Farm, with friends and I’d highly recommend both if you’re in the DMV! They get packed so try and get there when they open if you want your pick at seats.)


+ Kate’s recipes are always a favorite–they’re easy to follow, don’t require obscure ingredients, and are easy crowd-pleasers! I want to make these blueberry hand pies before summer is over.

+ Jackie is an all-around incredibly talented photographer, but her Hamptons Designer Showhouse posts are extra *heart eyes.* This year’s designs were particularly good and I’m drawing so much inspiration from the classic yet whimsical (and mostly, actually quite functional!) spaces.

+ I wasn’t the biggest cauliflower fan growing up but it’s really grown on me in the past couple of years! While it’s definitely having a “moment” both in grocery store (ahem, cauliflower everything at Trader Joe’s) and in restaurants, I’ve been cooking it pretty simply at home and want to try shushing it up a bit! This recipe with za’atar, dates, and pistachios is calling my name.

+ I rarely use dry shampoo but if I did, would be doing this hair mask immediately! I’m going to try it soon regardless, because whose hair isn’t in need of a deep clean by the end of the summer?

+ A great must-read post from Krista on staying body positive ahead of her wedding next month.

+ Kelly takes us along on her home buying journey–I love seeing the places people considered before purchasing the one they bought! This was especially fun since she posted it a week before I was in Lincoln Park so I basically walked around imagining what the inside of all the homes looked like, haha.

+ A touching note from Jen to her husband on their nine year anniversary. She is such a gifted writer and shares so many thought-provoking words–I highly recommend adding her blog to your daily reads!

+ Meghan Markle’s (I’m having a tough time calling her the Duchess of Sussex–anyone else?) interview with Michelle Obama for Vogue UK’s September issue.

+ Why did I think baking a cookie cake would be intimidating?! They’re one of my favorite random indulgent sweet treats and I always have a hard time resisting Great American Cookie or Mrs. Field’s the couple times a year I’m at a mall. Heather’s recipe got bookmarked immediately!

+ Last year, I half jokingly tried to convince Katie to move to my neighborhood–I never thought she’d actually do it, but she did and her apartment is the cutest!


+ What we buy from Whole Foods (TJ’s is where we do most of our shopping!)

+ My seven most worn items this summer.

+ Why I failed at going two weeks without eating gluten + dairy.

+ Recapping a wonderful weekend in Chicago (spoiler: there were some GREAT restaurants!)

+ Behind the scenes of a travel blog post.

+ A little bit of life lately.

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