What I Buy From Whole Foods

What I buy at Whole Foods

My Trader Joe’s product roundups are some of the most popular posts I’ve published, so I figured I’d do a similar post on what we typically buy at Whole Foods! We do most of our shopping at TJ’s, the rest at Whole Foods, and head to Safeway on occasion.

In the super basics category, we regularly pick up the following items. Everything I dive into in this post is more of a novelty…we can get similar items at TJ’s or Safeway, but splurge on these for one reason or another as discussed below!

+ A big box of spinach (I like having that size to try and get through during the week)

+ Sourdough bread (stays fresh much longer than the one from TJ’s)

+ Fresh deli meat

+ Rotisserie chicken (not sold at TJ’s)

+ Fresh fish (when we don’t buy frozen from TJ’s)

+ Bananas (TJ’s prices bananas by piece and Whole Foods does it by weight, so it’s more economical to buy a few small ones at Whole Foods since we both prefer to take smaller ones to work for a snack or breakfast on days when I don’t make smoothies! We buy the huge ones from TJ’s for smoothie days.)

A couple random things…

+ I will say that the biggest thing with shopping at Whole Foods for me is ensuring that we’re getting most of these things on sale–there aren’t too many things I’ll pay full price for! Their website always has the current sale flyer for each store so I always check that when we’re making a grocery list. We rarely do a full week’s worth of shopping at WF…financially, it almost always makes sense for us to walk to TJ’s as well and based on how much we save, I’m happy to do it!

+ We don’t really buy organic! I’m kind of in charge of picking out produce in our house and I’ll usually only buy organic if it’s on sale. I’m sure that may change in the future but for now, non-organic is what we’ve budgeted for and it works for us.

+ It is so worth having an Amazon Prime membership if you’re going to shop at WF often! Prime gets you an additional 10% off some sale items and random other deals–for instance, our store has 20% off deli meats and cheeses on Sundays through September. There are just so many “Prime exclusives” that the savings really add up if you’re strategic about what you buy.

Here’s what we regularly buy from Whole Foods

Waterloo Sparkling Water // We drink a lot of seltzer but limit ourselves to one case max a week or it gets expensive! Waterloo is by far my favorite–I like it more than La Croix! The flavor is more pronounced and it holds carbonation for much longer than its competitors.

Sir Kensington’s condiments // I wrote about my love for Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce in this post and we’ve since tried a couple more of their products like avocado oil mayonnaise and pizza ranch dressing. This is definitely a case in which you get what you pay for–they’re well worth the splurge even though I typically wait for a sale! We’ve also had some luck with the brand at Costco so it’s worth checking there if you’re looking for something that’ll last, like mayo.

Tate’s cookies // Also mentioned in this post–I don’t buy them often but Tate’s are my favorite chocolate chip cookie and if you haven’t had them (and love the thin, crunchy variety), you’re missing out!

Primal Kitchen dressings + marinades // Primal Kitchen is a line of dressings and marinades made with 100% clean ingredients and I first tried them after seeing them marked down one day at WF. The quality is incredible and you would never think what you’re eating was notably “healthy” compared to a less nutritious alternative…particularly when it comes to something like their ranch dressing! Some Primal products are found in the refrigerated section and the rest are in the salad dressing aisle.

MadeGood products // My friend told me about MadeGood a few months ago and I was happy to see them at our neighborhood WF! They’re nutrient-packed bars and snacks that are also very allergy-friendly…think gluten + dairy free, and then some. Each variety is made with fruits and vegetables but you’d never be able to tell–I love their Crispy Squares and was so impressed that their price point was on the modest side compared to competitors. They’re located in the cookie aisle at our store!

Rao’s tomato sauce // I grew up eating any kind of jarred tomato sauce and spent years in college + post-graduation only buying the cheapest variety I could find, but then I tried Rao’s and it was game over. This stuff is pricey but it legitimately tastes better than most tomato sauces on the market and what gets me is how little sugar is in each variety–it’s a fraction compared to other brands! We stock up when it’s on sale and always buy it at Costco whenever we go. Otherwise it’s around $9 a jar which hurts!

Skinnypop // The perfect afternoon snack–I swear by it at work! We usually have a bag of popcorn on hand because I know I’ll go buy bad chips if we don’t and I’m craving a crunch. I will say that I’ve been trying out other popcorn brands from WF since I’ll really only buy what’s on sale…the latest is this Buddha Bowl line and I’m equally impressed!

Bonne Maman //This was one of the first grocery items I ever splurged on when I was on an intern budget. I was never picky about jam and will eat most varieties but Bonne Maman is just significantly better and as the name suggests, it tastes just as good as what you’d get in an authentically French establishment. It’s one of the few things I’ll pay full price for, too!

So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches // I try and cut down on dairy when it’s easy so have been picking up mini non-dairy ice cream sandwiches for the past couple of years. TJ’s used to make a great one but it got discontinued in the past year and I discovered these. They’re the perfect post-dinner snack size and don’t leave you feeling uncomfortably full! I’ve learned that I prefer the Coconut Milk over the Almond Milk but both are good.

Birch Bender’s Pancake & Waffle Mix // Similar to the tomato sauce, I grew up eating Bisquick with Aunt Jemima but tried Birch Bender’s on sale and was blown away by the quality, variety of pancake mixes, and “just add water” instructions. I love making pancakes on the weekends and these have become our go-to!

Siete products // I resisted trying anything Siete for months after first discovering them because I knew I’d be hooked…but here we are! Their products are definitely in the splurge category for us but I pick up the tortillas, chips, or queso dip (made with cashews but so good) whenever I see them on sale. Their almond flour tortillas are my favorite! If you’re looking for something grain-free but love Mexican food, Siete is for you!

So Delicious Cocowhip Frozen Topping or Truwhip // I love having fruit with some kind of whipped topping and have been experimenting with some non-dairy alternatives over the past few months. These aren’t cheap but I really like the flavor–it feels less overly sugary but is still sweet enough. I’m going to go into details about it on Friday but I got into this when I was going gluten and dairy free for two weeks, but have stuck with buying it ever since.

P.S. What we bought at the grocery store in the course of a month–and how we save money on food!

Image by Jordan Christian via Unsplash

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  1. Erica wrote:

    The So Delicious CoCo whip is sooo good! I had to refrain myself from buying it too often. I’d stock up on a sale in a heartbeat. Great list!

    Posted 8.14.19 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Haha I know!! I’m almost bummed I found it, but worth it!

      Posted 8.15.19 Reply