6 Recent Amazon Favorites Round II

Recent Amazon Favorites

I don’t shop on Amazon as frequently as many people I know, but I’ve found some good gems since this post in the spring (and many of these are still my all-time favorite buys!). As expected, this is a really random mix of goods but they’re all very budget-friendly (all except for one is under $20!)–if you’ve snagged any great finds from there lately, leave them in the comments below!

I wanted some kind of gentle hair tie to sleep in and everything was around $2-3 a piece or more, which was fine but not ideal when I’d rather not have to keep track of my sleep scrunchies…you know? It’s nice having an inexpensive pack of five so I can keep one in my nightstand, one in my dopp kit, and one for when I’ve done my hair but don’t want it creasing at all. And then still have two backups!

I’ve actually only worn this hat around the house thus far–the original plan was to wear it to the U.S. Open, but it wasn’t sunny enough to justify it and I didn’t want to carry it if I wasn’t using it. My friend Lucy posted it on Instagram earlier this summer and I couldn’t believe it was only $16 from Amazon! I trust her recommendations so knew the quality had to be good, and I loved that it’s packable. It’s very sturdy and looks like it’ll hold up well–there are also nearly 3k reviews with an average of 4.5 stars! If you’re heading somewhere warm this fall + winter or want a nicer alternative to a baseball cap, this is a great option.

The most effective probiotics typically require refrigeration (I buy mine at Whole Foods since they’re kept cold…don’t buy these off Amazon!) so I was happy to see that my go-to brand makes a no-refrigeration required version. They’re with me whenever I travel and that’s really when you need probiotics the most–I can 100% tell the difference when I’ve forgotten to pack them!

I had one of these mousepads + an ergonomic mouse at my old job and didn’t realize how much I missed them until I didn’t have them anymore! The mouse made the biggest difference but having a little extra support with the mousepad is an inexpensive way to help things even more. My right hand and forearm start aching pretty quickly after a full workday so I’m doing everything I can to support them!

My Whole Foods seems to have every variety of Traditional Medicinals tea except the one I was looking for! I briefly went to acupuncture in the spring and both the acupuncturist and a couple of bloggers I follow had recommended nettle leaf tea to help combat allergies. I’m a big tea drinker and have really bad allergies, so figured it was worth a try. I’m not drinking it as frequently as I should be to see results, but the taste doesn’t bother me and it’s a nice herbal option and I like knowing there’s allegedly some kind of benefit! I never thought of Amazon as a tea resource but at this rate, it shouldn’t come as a surprise!

Sarah told me about this container last fall and I ended up getting it earlier this year because there is nothing worse than trying to get soup to a reasonably hot temperature when all you have is a bowl and a microwave! It has a ventilated lid that you leave on so the liquid doesn’t splatter when heated. The only downside is that it’s not leakproof–I’ve had it leak on my commute and so have some of the other reviewers. However, it’s inexpensive and practical enough for me to justify packing soup in a leakproof container and pouring it into here to eat up and eat. I don’t want to spend time heating it up on the stove every morning so would prefer this over an insulated Thermos for daily use!

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