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A Tour of My Closet

This post has been a really long time coming and I’m so glad we finally shot some photos! I’ve alluded to it several times in the past but we have pretty decent closet space given that we live in 540 square feet. I do wish we had a little more communal storage–there’s just one closet in the living room, and a linen closet is what I’m most looking forward to when we have a house–but we’re lucky enough to have two nearly equal-sized closets for our personal belongings. It’s really nice not having to share one, since I know that’s common in many city and suburban living arrangements!

I got the larger of the two closets and it’s 60″ long. (J’s is 48″.) I was always content with the capacity since the closets in my last two apartments were roughly the same size and smaller, and I’ve never had a walk-in before. We snapped these right after I packed away my “summer clothes” and brought out the “winter clothes” so the biggest difference is the cooler months mean the cubbies above the hanging rack are crammed with sweaters, versus in the warmer months, they’re not entirely full and also store some of my off-season winter accessories and shoes. Also, this is all completely un-staged so excuse the peeks of wrinkles, lint, deodorant, and cedar chips :) The hallway is really narrow–the closets are directly opposite one other–and the lighting isn’t great (case and point) so this was a bit of a creative challenge that would have been best executed with a wide-angle camera lens that I don’t own! For anyone who’s curious, we shot these using a tripod and my DSLR’s kit lens.

Our bed is on medium-height risers and I store off-season items in two of these boxes, which keep things organized and still allow for some miscellaneous items like duffle bags and shoe boxes to fit on top, thanks to higher bed height.

Small Closet Tour

My shoe rack is actually J’s old TV console! It fits the space perfectly and leaves the perfect amount of space for my rolling suitcase on the left. There are shoes in both drawers.

Small Closet Tour

Our closets go up so high that it initially felt impossible to maximize that space without some kind of custom self situation. We found these inexpensive shelves on Amazon soon after moving in and while not the prettiest, they do the job perfectly. It was really helpful being able to customize the configuration based on our space…J’s arrangement looks a little different but the total cost for both closets was under $60.

Small Closet Tour

Another storage-related challenge is that our small bedroom doesn’t allow for a full-sized dresser. We have a narrow one with very small drawers, so I elected to use my half for bras + underwear, workout clothes, and t-shirts. My socks and pajamas live in these Ikea boxes (similar to this) and while I’d rather have them in a dresser, this works! I’d love to have something prettier like this (and a few more options linked at the end of this post) but these file boxes have worked fine.

Small Closet Tour

I hang my hats on Command Hooks and store one pair of off-season shoes and my larger bags + bulky scarves to the left of the square storage blocks. Smaller bags and clutches are in one of storage block cubbies and at the very top of the cubbies (not pictured because it’s basically the black hole of my closet) are some art prints that won’t fit in our current space and a couple boxes of off-season shoes. The shelves were truly a gamechanger!


That’s a peek into my small closet! If you’re in a similar position, I’d love to hear what you did to optimize space! Carly actually did a post about hers today and I love that she incorporated a hutch. Also, a lot of my clothes are seasonless–other than sweaters, flannels, some of my Dudley Stephens, and a handful of very seasonally or weather-specific tops, everything that’s hanging up stays year-round. I still love editing down my closet and making sure it’s only full of things I love and wear regularly, but am pretty happy where I am now. Nothing is spilling out, there are some empty hangers, and I can completely see everything I own minus the hyper-seasonal items. It makes getting dressed so much easier and I’m fully in the camp that a cluttered space = a cluttered mind, so keeping things in check here feels really good!

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  1. I always love getting a peek into others’ closets and getting small space ideas! Especially since “Switch Closet Out” is looming on my to-do list for this evening (someday, someday I’ll have enough room for all seasons in my closet…).

    Published 10.14.19