Around Here XVII

After a busy summer of travel, it’s been a pretty quiet few weeks over here and you’ll be getting no complaints from me on that front! We’ve had a handful of weekends with minimal plans–a good reminder that I crave more downtime the older I get–and now that the temperatures have dropped, we’re finally back into a good long walk + dog park routine with Millie. She’s much happier when she’s well-exercised and is fully in her “teenage” stage, so we’re trying to curb bad behavior with extra exercise and playtime with other dogs. I don’t have too much to update you guys on since last time, but there are a few random things I’ve loved that deserve a shoutout!

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I don’t think I’ve shared this on the blog or Instagram yet, but I’ve recently taken up needlepointing and it’s arguably one of the best hobbies I’ve ever picked up. I walked into A Point of It All a few weeks ago having no clue where to start and the ladies were so incredibly helpful. Laurie gave me a lesson on the spot (you can do a private, hour-long session for $40–worth every penny) and has stayed in touch with me ever since, checking in on progress and being available to answer any questions! I spent my childhood immersed in a number of crafty activities and like many of you, I’m sure, wanted to find a new hobby that didn’t involve looking at a screen. Needlepointing has certainly delivered! My first “project” is a key fob for J and I’ve been making a mental list of the other things I want to undertake :)

Sarah Flint Discount Code


If you caught this post or have seen me mention the brand on Instagram lately, you probably know that I’m a Sarah Flint Ambassador and am helping spread the word about the brand! I wanted to make sure anyone who’s considered trying their shoes get ahold of code for $50 off your first purchase–just use this link and it will appear at checkout! Their pieces are certainly an investment so feel free to DM or email me with any questions regarding fit and styles…a few people already have and I’m excited to help! I’d purchased their Grear sandals over the summer and they gifted me a pair of the Perfect Pumps and Natalie flats this fall. The Perfect Pumps were insanely comfortable right out of the box and as someone who’d never worn heels higher than 3″, can’t believe they’re slightly higher than that. They’re a breeze to walk in and if you’re regularly on your feet in heels or are looking to invest in a pair that will last for years, I can’t recommend them enough. The Natalie’s are a little stiffer out of the box but are breaking in nicely. I’ve worn them during the workday but held off walking long distances until they’re softened. Stay tuned for another update there but I consider these to be two of the most versatile shoes in my closet!


The team at Seven Sundays sent over some of their muesli a few weeks ago and J and I thoroughly enjoyed incorporating it into our breakfast routine! It was similar to this variety and called “Wild & Free Mix” Organic Muesli–you can buy it at Costco stores in the Northeast, too! I typically gravitate towards bread-based breakfasts (we’ll often make muffins and I’ll pair one with a hard boiled egg or green smoothie) but actually found myself craving this muesli. You can just mix it up with a little almond milk and add berries, honey, nuts, dates…whatever! It’s a great make-ahead breakfast, and is both inexpensive and pretty healthy, too.


“Oops I Did It Again” may as well be the soundtrack to my shopping habits as of late because the only clothing I’ve bought myself in the past couple of months is Dudley Stephens. I just ordered the Brighton Boatneck in camel and will be wearing it solo, with a basic striped tee, and with flannels + button downs on repeat for the next several months. They recently introduced a loyalty program where you can gift someone $25 on a $150+ purchase so if you’re thinking of a purchase, here’s $25 off! The boatnecks are priced a little lower than the turtlenecks and while the latter is what put the brand on the map, I’m a huge fan of the boatnecks and wear them the most since the terry fleece works well year-round. ***If you’re reading this on 10/18, my friend Krista has a one day only DS code! Use BASES20 at checkout TODAY ONLY for 20% off your order…you can’t combine it with the $25 off that I shared above, but use it if you’re shopping today!*** P.S. You can read my interview with the founders here!


I’ve had some more time to listen to podcasts lately and added a few more to my regular rotation. Katie recommended Diet Starts Tomorrow and from a blogging perspective, I’ve found A Drink with James to be particularly insightful. Heather also introduced me to Sounds About Write and if you’re a writer or interested in learning about the behind the scenes, I’d highly recommend! For everyday news, I’ve been listening to The DailyI like that they do a deep dive into a specific topic, but that the episodes aren’t very long.


Peak holiday shopping season is practically upon us and I polled people on Instagram last night asking when people like to see gift guides go up, and if they had any content requests! Right now it’s pretty much a 50-50 split between wanting to see guides in early November + around Black Friday, and the most requested guide is gifts for men. If you have any opinions on the subject, please, please share them in the comments…I love putting together gift guides and can easily get carried away, but want to make sure they’re actually useful and actually make shopping for the holidays easier on your end!

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