A Quick Chat With…Beth + Christina of ChappyWrap

If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I (and Millie, and J) have a mild obsession with ChappyWrap blankets. I remember discovering the brand maybe a year and a half or so ago and wondering what really made them different from the other throws we had at home…I knew they were uniquely oversized and came in gorgeous patterns, but I wasn’t sure what really set them apart until Victoria told me that trust her, they’re inexplicably cozy, well-made, and unlike any other blanket. Victoria’s recommendations don’t lead me astray so I ordered one soon after and it was love at first sight (or cuddle)–these are truly the best, you guys, and I don’t say that lightly! We joke that Millie better get her own mini for Christmas because ours is her favorite place to sleep and I can safely say we have never owned a better throw.

So today, I’m chatting with the talented Beth and Christina of ChappyWrap–read on to learn how they got their start, what makes their blankets different, and what’s in store for Black Friday…let’s just say these should be at the top of your gifting list and this is the perfect week to buy!

A Quick Chat With…Beth and Christina of ChappyWrap

Currently live in: Boston, MA (Beth) and Cambridge, MA (Christina)
Current profession: ChappyWrap Founder and CEO (Beth), ChappyWrap VP Sales and Marketing (Christina)

Tell us about your backgrounds before starting ChappyWrap.

Beth: I have a background in Sports Marketing and started ChappyWrap 12 years ago after raising my children (Christina is my daughter – we’re a mother-daughter team!)

Christina: I officially joined ChappyWrap a year and a half ago. I am actually licensed as a speech-language pathologist and have a background in working with kids with severe special needs! So joining ChappyWrap was a big (exciting!) change for me.

What sets ChappyWraps apart from other blankets on the market?

Our blankets are made from a high-quality natural cotton blend (60% cotton, 40% fill fiber). They are woven on a loom and the yarns are twisted so the natural cotton is next to your skin. The cotton makes them super soft and cozy, while the fill fiber makes them durable and machine washable and dryable (they’ll stay just as soft!). They are also oversized (they measure 60×80 and will fit on a queen bed), so they make a great extra-long throw blanket perfect for covering up from head to toe, or snuggling up with someone else.

Can you give us an overview of a Chappy’s construction and what makes them so uniquely cozy?

Our blankets go through a napping process, which is a huge part of what makes our manufacturing so unique. This process involves running the blankets through large cylinders covered with fine needles, which fluffs the fibers and gives the blankets their signature softness. [Editor’s note: You can also read more about the construction here!]

How do you decide what new patterns to design?

We listen to our customers and what they ask for! People had been asking for more home decor and nautical designs, so we released two new collections full of those this year.

What’s been the biggest “pinch me” moment so far?

Working with Vineyard Vines to create a custom blanket for holiday this year! Also, being included in the Tuckernuck collection – we are huge fans of theirs!

What’s your favorite part about working together as a mother-daughter duo?

The flexibility and dependability. We know each other really well, so we can easily cover for each other and back each other up whenever we need it. We also love getting to share in the excitement of growing as a company together!

ChappyWrap has expanded beyond just full-sized blankets…the Midi and Mini Collections are so cute! Can you give us a glimpse of what’s next?

Thanks! We had a daughter/granddaughter join our team this year, so we knew we needed to add a kids line! We have big plans to expand the kids line, add new designs and bring back some old favorites by popular demand!

Any Black Friday sales we should be keeping an eye out for ;)

Free ground shipping site wide is going on now through December 16! We’ll also be doing 10% off site wide Black Friday through Cyber Monday and featuring some great deals of the day each of those days as well!

Organizational tool you can’t live without?

Google docs, Quickbooks online, so many Shopify apps that save our lives.

Last place you traveled?

Charleston, SC! We have strong family and business ties there and both go as often as we can!

If you could majorly splurge on a vacation, where would you go?

We were just talking about this! We both want to plan a trip to Tuscany!

Favorite restaurant in Boston?

Beth: Pammy’s

Christina: Little Donkey (we’re big Cambridge girls!)

Go-to weekday lunch?

Tacos at Lamplighter Brewing – great spot for a working lunch!

Go-to cocktail?

Beth: Dirty martini, up with olives.

Christina: Jalapeno marg

One piece of advice?

Beth: Grow your business methodically and pace it appropriately. Also – communicate, communicate, communicate.

Christina: Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Ask the question, you never know where it will lead.

Images via ChappyWrap

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  1. Eileen Kelly wrote:

    You are so cute and sweet. Miss being in touch. Ro gave me the update. Please let me know when you have your new stock available. Have 6 grands now. Newest was born 2-2-21. She has Ace a two year old brother. Alanna and Xander both love their blankets. We need to order 2 more.??

    Posted 3.8.21 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi Eileen! This is a blog featuring Beth and Christina–unfortunately they won’t see this message! I would recommend reaching out to them directly via the Chappy website :)

      Posted 3.8.21 Reply